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Why 1Kosmos

The BlockID Difference

One Unified

A distributed identity cloud service that unifies identity verification and passwordless authentication.

User Experience

Simple user onboarding and convenient access anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Privacy &

Users maintain complete control over their personal data, and decide when to share, and with whom.


Developer-friendly SDK, APIs and over 50 out of the box integrations allow for an easy deployment.

Real Biometrics

Advanced biometric authentication eliminates spoofing and verifies users with over 99% accuracy.

Compliance, Standards and

Certified solution for NIST 800.63.3, FIDO2, PAD-2 and ISO 27001. Compliant to GDPR and SOC2 standards.

The Architectural Advantage: Real Biometrics and a Private, Permissioned Blockchain

Ready to go Passwordless?

Indisputable identity-proofing, advanced biometrics-powered passwordless authentication and fraud detection in a single application.