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What is IAM? [Beginner’s Guide]

IAM helps manage authorization and authentication to company resources which not only adds more security but also...

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Easy & Secure Password Management for Employees & Customers

A random jumble of letters is a secure password, but will you remember it? Password management can secure your...

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Using Authentication & Identification to Counteract Fraud

Identification is only one part of the detection process; add in authentication and you can strongly guarantee a...

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What Is Authentication?

Authentication is used to verify a user's identity to protect against data breaches. But how do you authenticate...

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Introducing the 1Kosmos App-less Feature

The Old Way: Friction Filled Authentication

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Secure Authentication: Which Method is Best?

Choosing the best method of secure authentication for your system can be a determining factor in your ability to...

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What Is Passwordless Authentication? How Does It Work?

Curious about passwordless authentication? Wondering how it can create a more secure login? We'll walk you through...

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1Kosmos Wins Global InfoSec Award During RSA Conference 2021

During this year’s RSA conference, 1Kosmos was named a Global InfoSec Awards winner in the Next-Gen in Blockchain...

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