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Maureen Mannschreck

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1Kosmos Is Selected for the Alestra NAVE Program

Passwordless Authentication Makes 1Kosmos the Most Advanced Startup

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Digital Identity: The Future of Identity

Why is having a digital identity important? It simply puts data back in the hands of users. Here are some startling...

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Trends in Cybersecurity Funding and Investment

How Did Cybersecurity Investments Fare in 2020?

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About Gartner's 5 Key Predictions for IAM and Fraud Detection

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, employees used their work devices to check their social or news notifications...

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The Bulletproof Solution to Prevent Vishing Attacks

Phishing, smishing, vishing... Outside of haunting CISOs day and night, what’s the difference? Well, phishing can be...

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