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Audio Blog: Challenges of Password Management and Best Practices

Employees face a challenge on a daily basis, and this challenge consists of having to access multiple systems and...

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Importance of ID-Proofing and Authentication in This "New Normal" Era.

Today most organizations rely on very old and tired forms of authentication for system access. The combination of...

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Audio Blog: Workforce ID Proofing

For 1Kosmos, what does Identity proofing, or ID proofing in the workforce mean?Well, for us, ID proofing is an...

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How Blockchain Can Solve Identity Management Problems

The truth of the popular statement "everyone is online now" gets more grounded with each day that passes. Daily,...

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A Blockchain-Based Digital Identity and Voting System

The finance industry is seeing big strides with using blockchain technology, but this is not the only industry that...

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Blockchain Technology and Its Impact on Identity Management

previously, digital identity management was/is still considered as the ho-hum task that not even service provider...

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