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BlockID for Education: Contact-free authentication for student enrollment and academic integrity

Thanks to the 1Kosmos BlockID mobile app, students can say goodbye to usernames and passwords. Those credentials are replaced with Biometrics, encrypted and stored securely in the BlockID Blockchain Ecosystem. Moreover, the app ensures academic integrity.  



College admissions and testing: the disturbing reality.


Student impersonation and admission fraud.

In 2019, more than 50 people have been charged with participating in the infamous "college admissions scandal," a scheme involving bribery, money laundering, and document fabrication to unfairly get students admitted to elite colleges.

The scheme included bribing college athletic coaches to recruit students regardless of their athletic ability, as well as cheating on entrance exams.

The consequences have been disastrous for the incriminated universities and ethical questions were raised about whether qualified students were denied entry to accommodate children of the rich and famous.

Test-related fraud.

Are you ready for a couple of staggering statistics?

A poll realized by The International Center for Academic Integrity released in 2019 on a sample of  70,000 students both graduates and undergraduates returned the following result: 95% of the surveyed students admitted to cheating on a test and homework, or committing plagiarism. Those same students also admitted that in 44.4% of cases teachers failed to detect cheating.

Another poll conducted by the Open Education Database concluded that 85% of surveyed college students thought cheating was essential. Moreover, even college students that don't cheat still thought it a valuable strategy to scoring the best grades, internships, scholarships and awards possible. 

1Kosmos BlockID: Ensure integrity on all levels.

1Kosmos BlockID restores the assurance that students are who they say they are, by proofing their identity and bringing highly assured levels of authentication.

Ensure admissions integrity.

Upon graduating from high school, the prospective student receives credentials from his or her high school and other organizations (nonprofits where volunteering occurred, for example) on his or her BlockID app. On the app the prospective student generates a link for each credential that he or she then pastes on your online application. By doing so, the prospective student gives you his or her consent to access the credential.

An employee in your admissions office clicks on each link to verify the accuracy of the information shared.

Ensure enrollment integrity.

Upon launching of the BlockID app, the student's private key and decentralized identifier are created, based on W3C industry standards. These are stored inside the phone's secure enclave as "something the student has."

Instead of filling out forms, students use the 1Kosmos BlockID app to scan their existing identity documents and perform a liveness test. 1Kosmos confirms the validity of those credentials in minutes, automatically, without human intervention.

The student never has to enter a username and password to access the school's system. A liveness test or Touch ID suffices.

Ensure online testing integrity.

The student authenticates via the BlockID app by scanning a QR code and performing Touch ID.

Once the students has accessed a test online, and based on your policies, he or she can be prompted to authenticate at any time by performing a liveness test.

Ensure no one pretends to have a degree from your institution.

BlockID's contact-free authentication for proof of degree allows your institution to share a verifiable credential with a graduate, who in turn shares it with a potential employer, for example, so the hiring manager gets confirmation that the individual did earn a degree from your organization. 

Why did 1Kosmos create the BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem?

Trust in the relationship between universities and students for admissions, enrollment, and testing processes is essential.

The immutability of our distributed ledger is leveraged to record all interactions between a university and its students. Once a record is created, the source is verified and viewing permissions are authorized by the student and stored in the network. The document can never be modified, creating trust between all parties involved. The university can proof identity and verify whether the student's credentials are valid.

Our Private Blockchain Ecosystem can improve the accessibility and security of the student’s information and build a trusted network in which students securely manage their personal information.

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“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business