As more companies move to remote onboarding and face an uptick in data breach and ransomware attacks through 3rd-party credentials, user onboarding and access governance are both growing in importance.

For onboarding and audit recall, government-issued documentation must be collected and verified. But cumbersome processes for identity verification and managing PII data over email can’t scale and offers little information security. Many don’t meet the minimum requirements for proving identity.

Once on-boarded, users must be managed across their identity lifecycle to ensure proper provisioning, prevent orphaned accounts when users leave, and eliminate over-provisioned accounts. 

Join experts from Saviynt, 1Kosmos, and Simeio as they discuss how to:

  • Identify and consolidate your third-party relationships
  • Efficiently vet and onboard third parties
  • Develop a self-service registration process to quickly onboard users
  • Collaborate with delegated third-party administrators for access review and certifications