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The 1Kosmos Advantage

Authentication based on verified identity
Verified identity on first and every use for zero trust
Security tuned to risk tolerance by use case
Operates with or w/o 3rd party directory
Federated IdP enables rapid deployment
Interoperable with standard APIs and SDK
One platform for all use cases / legacy apps
Certified NIST IAL2 identifies exact user identity

Case Study

Top Asset Management Firm

1Kosmos delivers a passwordless authentication experience to improve employee experience and reduce reliance on legacy authentication platforms.
The organization recognized that user experience held a major role in securing the organization and its assets. The executive team and the board members made it a corporate priority to improve both the security of the firm and the user experience. After a failed deployment of a top passwordless vendor, the organization turned to 1Kosmos to meet its user experience and security requirements.


Deliver a Superior User Experience

The organization set a corporate objective in 2021 to improve the user experience for their 18,000 employees when authenticating. 1Kosmos was selected to securely authenticate users into their VPN, Windows, and macOS devices because of our advanced biometrics and user experience. Currently, 1Kosmos BlockID manages 20,000 weekly passwordless authentications.

Scalability and Interoperability

The organizations required a solution to meet its global requirements to integrate with the current and future infrastructure and international demands. Integrations into ADFS, VPN (ZScaler), Windows, and MacOS desktops were critical first steps to the deployment. The 1Kosmos connectors and API framework enabled a seamless rollout.

Support for Remote Workforce

The organization needed to ensure a secure passwordless experience. This was a key factor why the organization selected the 1Kosmos BlockID. 1Kosmos identity-based passwordless authentication ensured a preferred experience where the only authorized users accessed data or applications regardless of where they are based.

Replace Existing Authentication

The executive team and Board of Directors made passwordless access a top priority in 2021. As a result, they purchased a passwordless solution from a top provider, only to encounter a security incident and issues with the user experience. As a result, the organization reconsidered its relationship and selected 1Kosmos to fulfill its passwordless journey. The organization also identified the 1Kosmos platform as a viable solution to replace their legacy 2FA deployment.

By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID as the IdP, the asset management firm unified its approach to access management by combining 2FA and passwordless access into one common platform.

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