Secure Your Distributed Workforce: Go Passwordless

Distributed Workforce Passwordless2


81 percent of data breaches are caused by poor password management. Yet, 2FA and MFA solutions continue to use passwords as a first factor. Moreover, a staggering 41 percent of registered breaches are due to employee negligence like sharing credentials with colleagues, sharing usernames and passwords in response to phishing attacks, or authenticating with a password to access enterprise systems and apps from an insecure home WIFI network.

Best case scenario, it costs an organization $70 for a single password reset. Worst case scenario, a data breach leads to heavy fines, a loss of trust, a wrecked reputation, and eroded market share.

The solution is for your workforce to go passwordless. By eliminating all enterprise passwords, you can:

  • Decrease your cybersecurity budget by double digits
  • Eradicate password mismanagement and identity compromises
  • Know who accesses your enterprise systems and applications, irrefutably
  • Free your distributed workforce from the burden of passwords

It really is that easy.