Frictionless customer login and more secure data

BlockID Customer is a powerful new consumer identity management solution that can dramatically enhance the customer experience by simplifying and streamlining registration, login and purchase processes while increasing security and privacy and reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

Increase sales, loyalty and value

Increase sales, loyalty and lifetime customer value by reducing the friction associated with making purchases, filling out forms or remembering usernames and passwords.

Enhance the customer experience

Customers can log in to their account or make a purchase without having to enter anything, including their name or credit card, and authorize transactions using just their face, voice or fingerprint.

Improve compliance and lower risk

Get secure on-demand access to customer identity information without having to store that information yourself, and reduce the risk of a data breach or compliance failure while building customer trust.


An easy-to-use solution that enhances the customer experience

BlockID Customer enables your customers to complete transactions or login to your website, online store or other secure applications using the BlockID mobile app and their biometrics — their face, voice or fingerprint — instead of filling out forms or entering a username and password.

It's easy for you, too

The BlockID mobile app is provided as a white label solution, so you can customize it with your organization's own name and branding. Its software development kit (SDK) and easy-to-use API make it fast and easy to integrate your mobile apps, custom web applications, or authorization systems, too.

Reduce friction throughout the customer journey

BlockID Customer reduces the friction customers face throughout their digital journey while increasing security and privacy. Customers can make a purchase, for example, without having to type in their credit card information, name or address, or solve some annoying CAPTCHA puzzle.

Instead, customers complete and authorize transactions using just their face, voice or fingerprint. The entire customer experience is simplified and enhanced, helping to grow sales, improve loyalty and retention and increase lifetime customer value.

Better privacy and security for customers

BlockID Customer makes it easy to access a customer's identity information on demand at the time you need it, including their name, phone number, email address, age, credit card numbers, and so on. Only the data required to complete the transaction at hand is shared — and all transactions are recorded in an immutable manner to help reduce fraud and ensure compliance.

Lower risk for you

Because BlockID Customer eliminates the need for you to store customers’ sensitive information, it can reduce the costs and risks associated with storing and protecting this data and the likelihood of a data breach or compliance failure. It also can help you build trust with customers since they know their data is safer.


Use case: user engagement

With BlockID Customer, visitors to your website or other digital property can populate registration forms with pre-defined/pre-existing user attributes, removing friction during the process.

Use case: credential-free access

BlockID Customer enables customers to easily access your website or other digital property without the need for any credentials (username and password), with very high levels of security.