Better than MFA without the hassle

BlockID Workforce is a next-generation identity solution designed to greatly improve the security of your corporate network and enterprise applications by eliminating usernames and passwords and the need for separate multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions — and all the risks, costs and hassles that go with them.

Better security and lower costs

Dramatically improve security and lower costs by replacing vulnerable usernames and passwords and outdated MFA systems with a more secure and easier-to-use solution.

A solution your workforce will love

Improve employee satisfaction by speeding logins and eliminating the need to remember multiple complex passwords or deal with cumbersome MFA fobs or dongles, annoying CAPTCHAs and more.

Your IT team will love it, too

Because it's a cloud-based solution that's customizable, fully integrated with leading access management and SSO solutions and supports a whole host of essential standards, your IT team will love it, too.

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The end of vulnerable usernames and passwords

With BlockID Workforce, you provision users as you would normally, but instead of a username and password, your employees, contractors, vendors and other business partners use the BlockID mobile app and their biometrics — their face, voice or fingerprint — to log into your corporate network, VPN, single-sign-on (SSO) solution, enterprise applications or other secure online resources.

Forget MFA, too

BlockID Workforce replaces costly and cumbersome multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems, too, with a more secure, less costly and easier-to-use solution, and extends the same high-level of security to all your users instead of just privileged accounts.

Better security, lower costs – and happier users

Because BlockID Workforce replaces usernames and passwords and outdated MFA solutions, you can dramatically improve security by completely eliminating vulnerabilities such as password reuse, keyloggers, SIM swapping and phishing attacks, and eliminate costs related to password resets or data breaches caused by stolen credentials.

Your users will love it, too. There are no complex passwords for them to remember or update, no MFA fobs or dongles to carry, no codes or pins to enter, no annoying Captcha puzzles to solve. It couldn’t be easier.

Fast and easy implementation

BlockID Workforce is a cloud-based solution that's fully integrated with leading access management and SSO solutions, including Active Directory, so it's fast and easy to deploy. Its easy-to-use API provides support for open standards such as SAML, FIDO2 and OAuth that make it fast and easy to integrate custom applications or authorization systems, too. If you prefer, you can host it in your own data center.

The BlockID mobile app is provided as a white label SDK-based solution, so you can customize it with your organization's own name and branding or integrate its features into your own mobile apps.


Use Cases


Use case: credential-free access

With BlockID Workforce, users obtain passwordless access to any of your organization's applications, including SaaS, web, PAM applications, or to desktops and laptops either through an IDaaS solution or through direct connections.


Use case: continuous & risk-based authentication

In a Zero Trust environment, BlockID Workforce can authenticate users who perform sensitive activities and specific transactions without the need for a separate Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. BlockID keeps an audit trail of all transactions made by any user or entity in an immutable ledger on the blockchain.

BlockID Workforce: Let’s Go Deeper