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Gain a competitive advantage with 1Kosmos technology

1Kosmos technology provides an advanced and reliable infrastructure with proven performance to lower your IT costs while ensuring utmost levels of security and compliance.

Revolutionize the way you identify and authenticate employees and/or customers by using a solution that leverages Biometrics and Blockchain technology


Instead of a physical ID or a username and password, your employees, business partners, customers or citizens use a blockchain-based digital ID — a BlockID — and their biometrics — their face, voice or fingerprint — to prove their identity.

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1Kosmos has developed a mobile biometric authentication solution comprised of a family of biometric matching and liveness detection algorithms that use fingerprint, face and/or voice to enable secure and convenient multifactor authentication without passwords.



BlockID solutions store each user’s identity information in their own digital identity safe on the highly secure BlockID Blockchain. No Blockchain knowledge or expertise is required by anyone on your team to enjoy all of its benefits. It couldn’t be any easier.


“While many current solutions rely on first-generation blockchain technology that have created work-arounds for slow transaction speed or high transaction costs, 1Kosmos works partially with the Directed Acyclic Graph, which actually increases transaction speed as the number of users increase.”

Anne Bailey, KuppingerCole


The Key BlockID Components



1- An app on a smartphone that links the user to the BlockID functions

2- The core functionality of BlockID is an API gateway using strong encryption to support enrollment and verification services; this layer is integrated, but modular
3- A private blockchain back-end where user identity information is securely stored, with access controlled by the user (GDPR compliant)
4- A set of third-party “sources of truth” used to examine and verify key identity elements, such as drivers license and passport
5- Users, who solve key problems by referencing enrolled identities to drive identity authentication solutions