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What analysts are saying about BlockID

Of course, we believe our 1Kosmos BlockID solutions are the easiest to implement and most robust and secure solutions for replacing vulnerable usernames and passwords, cumbersome MFA and manual identity on-boarding and verification. But don’t just take our word for it. See what others have to say.

Analysts coverage

Blockchain Identity, Decentralized Digital Identity (DID), and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) are all revolutionizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) — and industry analysts have taken note. Here's what a few of them are saying about 1Kosmos BlockID.

"BlockID is a well-rounded offering, and its creators live and breathe the identity and access management space."

451 Research


New Tech: Decentralized Digital Identity (DDID), Q1 2020

Today's digital identity frameworks are centralized, suffer from a lack of trust, aren't portable, and don't give consumers control. As the boundary between physical and digital interactions becomes indistinguishable, new models are emerging to solve these issues. This report presents an overview of the nascent decentralized digital identity ecosystem, a category segmentation, and an overview of the key vendors in this emerging market. CIOs should use this report to understand major market segments and to inform their innovation and R&D strategy for digital identity.

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451 Research

1Kosmos shifts from 'who we are' to 'what we can do' with BlockID

1Kosmos is launching its BlockID product with the aim of addressing long-standing problems with identity and its management, including identity proliferation, cumbersome identity verification and the lack of end-user control over identity data. This report describes the evolution of identity from a centralized system to a decentralized and user-centric one, and how the 1Kosmos BlockID solution addresses these evolving digital identity needs.

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Guidance for Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Claims

Decentralized identity will disrupt identity management by enabling privacy-enhanced verifiable identity data exchange over the internet. Security and risk management technical professionals should identify relevant use cases and prepare for applicable adoption scenarios. This report offers a comprehensive technical guide on decentralized identity. It provides critical use cases, standards and architectural patterns for implementing decentralized identity across an organization.

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Market Compass: Decentralized Identity: Blockchain ID & Self-Sovereign Identity Solutions

This KuppingerCole Market Compass covers decentralized identity, specifically Blockchain Identity and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions. This is a very dynamic space filled with visionary and innovative vendors that are applying decentralized identity to real enterprise use cases. Their development marks the entrance of blockchain technology into mainstream enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM), and their progress will indicate the future evolution of digital identity. 1Kosmos BlockID is featured in this report for its scalability.

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"While many current solutions rely on first-generation blockchain technology that have created work-arounds for slow transaction speed or high transaction costs, 1Kosmos works partially with the Directed Acyclic Graph, which actually increases transaction speed as the number of users increase."

Anne Bailey, KuppingerCole