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How BlockID solutions work

Two things make BlockID solutions different — and better — than other passwordless identity solutions: their incredible ease of use and the remarkably powerful and secure blockchain technology they're built on.

Biometric authentication: the end of usernames and passwords

Instead of a physical ID or a username and password, your employees, business partners, customers or citizens use a blockchain-based digital ID — a BlockID — and their biometrics — their face, voice or fingerprint — to prove their identity.

There are no fobs or dongles to carry, no codes or pins to type, no forms to fill out, no CAPTCHA puzzles to solve, no passwords to remember — ever.


The power of blockchain identity technology

BlockID solutions store each user's identity information in their own digital identity safe on the highly secure BlockID blockchain — the same powerful technology used by cryptocurrencies, financial institutions, and other organizations to store sensitive data in a highly secure and immutable way.

The very nature of the blockchain prevents any sort of tampering and discourages the kind of attacks that are common on standard identity databases. With blockchain, each user's information is encrypted using their own unique cryptographic key pairs, with their private key stored securely on their own mobile devices. That means there are literally thousands of separate and unique encryption keys and mobile devices protecting the identity data, which makes it impervious to hacking.

The blockchain also maintains a complete, immutable history of each identity request and exchange. Beyond its value for auditability, BlockID uses this data and artificial intelligence (AI) to help identify patterns and anomalies to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

BlockID solutions automatically and seamlessly handle all interactions with the blockchain — no blockchain knowledge or expertise is required by anyone on your team to enjoy all of its benefits. It couldn't be any easier.