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The next generation contact-free authentication for Microsoft Azure 

With BlockID, eliminate passwords, 2FA and MFA to log into an Azure Active Directory (AAD) domain from a Windows host, while reaching IAL2 and AAL2 levels per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines.


To enable MFA for all your users often means you haven’t built any security at all.


Azure Active Directory relies on MFA...

Businesses that used to manage their user accounts within their internal firewalls, in an attempt to keep attackers out, are usually not too sensitive about enforcing secure password policies. So, when they migrate to Azure AD, it infers that all user accounts with weak password policies are no longer behind a firewall but exposed from anywhere on the Internet, which dramatically increase the risk of cyber criminality.

To mitigate the risk, admins have the options to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users in Azure to access data in the Azure Active Directory. 

... But MFA is not all that!

There are well over a dozen ways to hack MFA solutions. Every particular type of MFA solution is susceptible to multiple hacking methods. Of course, there are some MFA methods that are more resilient to attacks than others. But the more resilient an MFA solution is the harder it is for the end-user to utilize. 

An example of MFA vulnerability? Copying fingerprints and directly access secret keys on a key fob using an electron microscope. 

1 Kosmos BlockID: Secure Active Directory from insider attacks and more.


  • The utilization of advanced Biometrics to secure the identity of your employees who needs to access the Azure Active Directory. A hacker cannot reproduce and, therefore, compromise the analysis and result of a liveness test, for example. The fear of having one's fingerprints copied is gone.  
  • BlockID goes beyond the functionalities that Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Privileged Identity Management offer. No more MFA. BlockID is 100% contact-free.
  • Know at all times and frequently audit who accesses your Azure Active Directory. The BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem records and stores all transactions in the Blockchain. The data is immutable.
  • The elimination of excessive user privileges, so a given system can only be accessed by those who work remotely and are in charge through our NIST 800-63-3 AAL2 grade authentication solution.  
  • A distributed ledger that is virtually uncompromisable and that initiates peer-to-peer transactions while ensuring the immutability of the data stored is the answer to risks associated with systems hacking.
  • The combination of advanced Biometrics to enroll and authenticate your employees and distributed ledger technology guarantees data is securely stored encrypted, while facilitating all exchanges between your systems and your employees working remotely.
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Check out the benefits of BlockID for Azure Active Directory.

BlockID is the next generation contact-free authentication solution powered by advanced biometrics and Blockchain technology. Your workforce enrolls identity and authenticates with the levels of assurance per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines of IAL2 and AAL2. 

Visit the Workforce User Journey for more information. 

Data Storage and The BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem.

Our private Blockchain-based data storage architecture promotes trust between your organization and your employees for all accesses to your systems and internal applications. 

Leveraging the BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem entails storing employees' biometric information in a virtually incorruptible system to ensure they are who they say they are throughout the process. Data stored in our distributed ledger isn't subject to data breaches. 

The immutability of a distributed ledger is leveraged to record service provider-customer interactions. The document can never be modified, leaving an auditing trail, and therefore creating trust between all parties involved.

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Contact us to learn more about BlockID for Azure Active Directory.


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“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business