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BlockID leverages verifiable credentials to verify past and current employment

The 1Kosmos BlockID platform leverages all sorts of digital verifiable credentials to make sure you know who you are hiring and who you've hired. 


Fact: 75 percent of HR managers report having caught a lie on a resume.


Resume fraud isn't unique to lower-level prospects/employees... 

Career Excuse is a widely used website that bluntly proposes fake job references. Their value proposition is clear: "Bad job references? Gap in resumé? Too many part-time jobs? fired? We can help!" The site also offers an employment verification service, so a current employer's HR department can call in to verify an employee's dates of employment, job title, and salary.

Resume fraud, attributed to corporate executives, deals mostly with grossly exaggerating or simply making up education credentials. However, it is not uncommon for a current executive to have excessively overstated a past job title or financial accomplishment.

In 2017, an Australian CIO posed as a previous employer during a reference check, in which she "gave glowing feedback" about her own performance. Naturally, in a pre-Covid world, the assigned HR employee didn't think of setting a video conference to check the executive's reference.  

Employment verification is time-consuming.

Here is an HR reality: To conduct previous employment verifications over the phone is time consuming with disputable or limited results, even if the process is limited to the validation of an employee's employment at a prior company in a specific role and for a specific period along with the reasons for leaving. 

Because employment verification is time-consuming, the process is often neglected and the consequences can be dire. Once an executive has been hired, like the Australian CIO, for example, and the hoax is finally discovered, the potential repercussions on the employer are multiple: stock price drops if the company is public, breach of trust with employees and customers, lengthy litigation, need to establish a new corporate culture with an ethical code, etc. And each one of those outcomes carries a cost.  

1 Kosmos BlockID: Streamline and authenticate employment verification 

  • BlockID streamlines the employment verification process and authenticates its results by digitally verifying that the issuer (former or current employer) issued a verifiable credential to the claim holder (former or current employee), so the verifier (current or future employer) can verify that the claim holder is or was one of the issuer's employees. 
  • Zero knowledge proof: the verifier doesn't need to perform any employment verification.  
  • The BlockID platform leverages three main pillars, including verifiable credentials.
  • To verify, BlockID leverages two groups of verifiable credentials: the attributes triangulated during the enrollment phase as well as verifiable credentials users can share with third-parties and with explicit consent.
  • The BlockID’s verification process follows the W3C standards for Verifiable Credentials. 
  • The utilization of advanced Biometrics to secure the identity of your workforce. A hacker cannot reproduce and, therefore, compromise the analysis and result of a liveness test, for example. 
  • A distributed ledger that is virtually uncompromisable and that initiates peer-to-peer transactions while ensuring the immutability of the data stored is the answer to risks associated with systems hacking.
  • The combination of advanced Biometrics to enroll and authenticate your employees and distributed ledger technology guarantees data is securely stored while facilitating all exchanges between your systems and your employees working remotely.

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Check out the benefits of BlockID for leveraging verifiable credentials.

BlockID is the next generation contact-free authentication solution powered by advanced biometrics and Blockchain technology. Your workforce enrolls identity and authenticates with the levels of assurance per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines, or IAL2 and AAL2 

Data Storage and the BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem.

Our private Blockchain-based data storage architecture promotes trust between your organization and your employees for all accesses to your systems and internal applications. 

Leveraging the BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem entails storing employees' biometric information in a virtually incorruptible system to ensure they are who they say they are at all times throughout the process. Employees’ data, stored in our distributed ledger, are not subjected to data breaches. 

The immutability of a distributed ledger is leveraged to record service provider-customer interactions. The document can never be modified, leaving an audit trail, and creating trust between all parties involved.

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“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business