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At 1Kosmos, our mission is to establish BlockID as the preeminent identity platform globally - to provide "individuals" with secure digital identity controls, and "service providers" with powerful tools to defend against identity fraud while simplifying the user experience.

Our Story

After having conversations with industry leading CISOs, former members of the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, 1Kosmos’ founders realized the notion of knowing who is on the other side of a digital connection was disjointed and weak. Leveraging decades of experience and coming from successful cyber security ventures, the team sought fill a hole in the market by creating a one-of-a-kind solution that ensures a user is who they say they are, at all times. BlockID is the only solution that combines indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics and passwordless authentication, while storing user data encrypted in a private, permissioned blockchain. With clients including Hitachi and RSA Security, 1Kosmos’ BlockID products—BlockID Verify, BlockID Workforce and BlockID Customer—deliver unmatched security for enterprises and individuals.

"Our mission is to establish BlockID as the pre-eminent global identity platform providing individuals with secure digital identity controls & service providers with powerful solutions to fight identity fraud while simplifying the user experience. The 1Kosmos team, investors and advisors work daily to accomplish this mission." 

- Hemen Vimadalal, Co-Founder and CEO.


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At 1Kosmos, the core values that unite us revolve around leadership, collaboration, accountability, passion and diversity. Together, we are committed to sharing the very best of our own selves, so BlockID can continue to disrupt the world of cyber security and change the way we interact with systems and applications. If you relate to our core values, join us in our journey to make an impact in the security and tech space.