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Contact-Free Authentication Powered by Advanced Biometrics and Blockchain

1Kosmos BlockID leverages advanced biometrics authentication and Blockchain technology to verify the identity of anyone who needs to access any of your systems and applications.


Make sure your employees and customers are who they say they are... Always.

1Kosmos BlockID biometric-based identity solutions are extremely easy to implement and use. They're fully-cloud based, so there's no software for you to install (of course, hybrid and on-site versions are also available). And they require nothing more of users than their own mobile phone and the IDs they already have — no technology for them to buy, no fobs or dongles to carry, no codes or pins to type, no forms to fill out, no CAPTCHA puzzles to solve, no passwords to remember — ever.

The BlockID platform is designed to ensure identity is our number one focus at all times.

The use of Blockchain technology makes your BlockID-powered ecosystem unhackable. 

1Kosmos BlockID is fully IAL3 and AAL3 compliant per the NIST SP-800 63-3 guidelines.

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1Kosmos BlockID Passwordless Solution

BlockID and Covid-19 immunity.

1Kosmos BlockID is developing an application, so governments and businesses will be able to authenticate whether a traveler or an employee, for example, is immune to Covid-19, ensuring a smooth and successful transition from “normal” to “new normal.”

1Kosmos BlockID products.


BlockID Workforce

Dramatically increase security and productivity — and lower your cost

Improve the security of your corporate network by eliminating usernames and passwords and the need for separate MFA solutions — and all the risks, costs and hassles that go with them.


BlockID Verify

Achieve KYC compliance — without all the costs and hassles

Know your customers with ease. Instead of filling out forms or appearing in person, customers take a picture of their existing IDs, and within minutes, BlockID verifies their identity automatically.


BlockID Customer

Make your customers happier — and increase your sales

Enhance the customer experience by eliminating the friction of manual registration and usernames and passwords while increasing security and privacy and reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliance.

1Kosmos BlockID and the competition.


1Kosmos BlockID:
  • IAL3 and AAL3 per the NIST 800-63-3 Guidelines.
  • Users' biometrics stored in a Distributed Ledger: Encrypted, virtually incorruptible, immutability.

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Beyond Passwordless Solutions: Download the white paper.


Data breaches are at an all-time high. Employees and customers credentials are stolen in mass every day. When you know that 81% of data breaches are caused by poor password management, then it appears obvious that the solution lies in the enhancement of identity proofing and authentication solutions. And yet... 

In this free guide, we cover the essentials:

  • Inefficiencies of password management, from 2FA to most passwordless solutions
  • Common user data storage issues
  • Why advanced biometrics and Blockchain technology enable secure access to systems while protecting users' private information 

Go Beyond Passwordless Solutions - Cover-Download


chose 1Kosmos BlockID

“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business

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1Kosmos BlockID Quick Implementation

How easy? See for yourself.

Don’t take our word for it — you can see for yourself just how easy BlockID solutions are. In less than 30 minutes, you can download and install the BlockID mobile app and use your biometrics — your face, voice or fingerprint — to login to your computer instead of your username and password. Or if you prefer, contact us and we’ll give you a demo.

A wide variety of uses.


Today’s extended enterprise is no longer constrained by office walls — or protected by them, either. With valuable and sensitive resources and the people who access them now scattered across the globe, protecting those resources can be more difficult than ever — that is, unless you have BlockID.


BlockID solutions are designed to address a wide-range of security challenges faced by the modern enterprise, from zero-trust enforcement to AWS and Azure authentication.

1 Kosmos BlockID Passwordless login

Passwordless login for any computer

Protect the most common entry points into your network by replacing vulnerable usernames and passwords with more secure and easier-to-use biometric logins for any Windows, Mac or UNIX computer.

1 Kosmos BlockID Zero Trust

Zero trust and continuous authentication

BlockID can help ensure your critical data, assets, applications and services (DAAS) are always protected with zero-trust identity checks, not just at initial login, but anytime and anywhere they’re accessed.

1 Kosmos BlockID Enhanced MFA

Enhanced multifactor authentication

BlockID replaces costly and cumbersome legacy MFA systems and vulnerable text-based approaches with a far more secure, less costly and easier-to-use solution — and allows you to extend MFA protections to all your users, not just privileged accounts.

1 Kosmos BlockID GDPR Compliance

Simplified GDPR compliance

By giving users direct control over their own identity information — a self-sovereign identity — including clear disclosures and consent, BlockID solutions can help make GDPR compliance simple and easy.

1 Kosmos BlockID Unified User Directory

Unified user directory

By providing on-demand access to each user's identity information and a single place to revoke credentials, BlockID solutions give you all the benefits of a centralized and unified directory but without any of the associated costs and risks.

1 Kosmos BlockID Thin Client Authentication

Thin client authentication

Thin client doesn't need to mean thin protection. BlockID makes protecting all devices used to access your sensitive data and applications easy for you and your users.

1 Kosmos BlockID AWS-Azure Authentication

AWS/Azure authentication

With your most essential assets now in the cloud, BlockID makes it easy to protect these assets without the costs and hassles tied to separate credentials or authentication systems.

1 Kosmos BlockID KYC

Easier KYC compliance

Complying with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements can be a burden on you and your customers — but not with BlockID. BlockID eliminates the need for customers to appear in person or to send you sensitive personal information by mail or email.

Say goodbye to costly password resets: Improve your security with Blockchain.

Two things make BlockID solutions different — and better — than other passwordless identity solutions: their incredible ease of use and the remarkably powerful and secure Blockchain technology they’re built on.

1Kosmos BlockID leverages Blockchain technology along with some of the biggest corporations in the United States like IBM, Walmart, FedEx and Bank of America to store sensitive data in a highly secure and immutable way.

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1Kosmos BlockID Blockchain

Standards? We've got standards!

BlockID solutions can satisfy the strictest industry and regulatory standards for identity, including FIDO2, PSD2, NIST-800, KYC, IAL2, AAL3, and EIEIO. Okay, we made up the last one, but in the alphabet soup of standards, no passwordless identity solution offers greater compliance than BlockID. More here.

Better security — your way.

We've even made BlockID easy to get! You have three options:

  • You can use 1Kosmos BlockID solutions as-is. Because they're cloud-based*, they're really fast and easy to deploy across your entire organization. Just like that, you've replaced your weak, costly and cumbersome authentication or verification solution with a far more secure and easier to use one.
  • You can incorporate BlockID solutions into your existing applications or mobile apps. BlockID comes with a software development kit (SDK) that makes this a snap.
  • You can even resell BlockID under your own brand or label. We offer BlockID as a white-label solution. You can see one such example here: Verizon ID.

*If you prefer, BlockID can also be installed on premise.