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Proven leaders with the mission to provide individuals secure digital identity controls and service providers powerful solutions to fight identity fraud while simplifying the user experience.


1Kosmos advisory board mike mcconnell

Mike McConnell

Retired Director NSA, Retired Vice Chairman BAH
1Kosmos advisory board art money

Art Money

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
1Kosmos advisory board kristjen nielsen

Kirstjen Nielsen

Former Secretary at U.S. Department of Homeland Security
1Kosmos advisory board chris perry

Chris Perry

President, Broadridge Financial Solutions
1Kosmos advisory board peter carroll

Peter Carroll

Partner at Oliver Wyman
1Kosmos advisory board ramin safai

Ramin Safai

Chief Information Security Officer & CTO at Jefferies
1Kosmos advisory board kemp ensor

Kemp Ensor

Former Director of the Office of Security and Counterintelligence at the NSA
1Kosmos advisory board jim ducharme

Jim Ducharme

General Manager - Anti-Fraud Business Unit at RSA Security
1Kosmos advisory board patrick gorman

Patrick Gorman

Former CISO BOA, Former CSO Bridgewater
1Kosmos advisory board dan lohrmann

Dan Lohrmann

Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer at Security Mentor
1Kosmos advisory board brandon swafford

Brandon Swafford

Business Information Security Officer at Citadel
1Kosmos advisory board chris bell

Chris Bell

Co-founder and CEO of Opora
1Kosmos advisory board bob rose

Bob Rose

Member of the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council
1Kosmos advisory board chris day

Chris Day

Vice President of Cognitive Cyber at ManTech
1Kosmos advisory board mike yoder

Mike Yoder

Director at DTCC
1Kosmos advisory board millin desai

Millin Desai

Chief Executive Officer at Sentry
1Kosmos advisory board suhit gupta

Suhit Gupta

Chief Information Officer at General Atlantic
1Kosmos advisory board steve weinreb

Steve Weinreb

Senior Executive Partner at Gartner
1Kosmos executive team hemen vimadalal

Hemen Vimadalal

Hemen is the visionary founder of 1Kosmos. He saw the need for an identity-first approach to authentication and a way to simplify the user experience. Prior to 1Kosmos, Hemen founded Simeio Solutions and Vaau, both of which led to multi-million dollar exits.
1Kosmos board directors hemen vimadalal

Hemen Vimadalal

1Kosmos board directors alberto yepez

Alberto Yepez

Co-Founder and Managing Director at ForgePoint Capital
1Kosmos executive team mike engle

Mike Engle

Mike is a proven information technology executive, company builder, and entrepreneur. He is an expert in information security, business development, and product design/development. His career includes the head of information security at Lehman Brothers and co-founder of Bastille Networks.
1Kosmos executive team rohan pinto

Rohan Pinto

Rohan is the co-founder of 1Kosmos. He is a go-to security and identity management expert and the founder of several businesses that have made considerable advancements in blockchain and identity management.
1Kosmos executive team kevin brown

Kevin Brown

Kevin is a seasoned sales executive who brings extensive leadership in global business development. He has a proven track record of building global channel and sales teams that produce high revenue growth at companies including Savyint, Wipro, and CA Technologies.
1Kosmos executive team michael cichon

Michael Cichon

Michael is a Silicon Valley veteran with over two decades of experience marketing B2B SaaS solutions for startups and publicly traded companies. Prior to joining 1Kosmos, Michael held VP of Digital and Content Marketing roles at both Agari and ThreatMetrix.