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The 1Kosmos ID Verification Advantage

1Kosmos ID Verification empowers helpdesk agents with the highest level of assurance for the identity of the caller when an account update is requested.

When a user requests an update, like a credential reset or lost device, the agent initiates the verification process through 1Kosmos, triggering a session sent to the employee’s phone number or email address.

The caller will follow the instructions and scan their ID card (Passport, Driver’s License, National ID) and a selfie to confirm their identity. After completing the verification steps, the helpdesk agent will be given a pass or fail notice.

With the caller’s identity established, the agent executes the downstream process for the credential reset, thereby maintaining a high level of security through the account update workflow.

1Kosmos remote identity verification provides a seamless solution without extensive integration and does not expose caller PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to helpdesk agents, bolstering privacy safeguards.

1Kosmos identity-based verification processes ensures caller legitimacy during remote account update workflows

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Easy Integration

1Kosmos remote caller verification provides a seamless identity verification solution without extensive integration, operating as a stand-alone application or leveraging the platform’s flexibility to integrate the solution with existing helpdesk platforms like ServiceNow for enhanced functionality.

Document Verification

1Kosmos identity verification validates a user’s identity using their driver’s license, passport, National ID, and more for over 205 countries. Additionally, an API can be activated to verify the document’s validity against issuing authorities.

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1Kosmos App Identification Documents

Identity Verification

A selfie, with a built-in liveness check, is captured and compared to the image captured during the document verification step. The selfie must match the captured image, increasing the level of assurance of the caller’s identity.

Data and Privacy Management

The data captured by 1Kosmos will be held within the session’s cached memory, and the data used will be deleted from memory, once verification is completed. No PII data will be available to the helpdesk agent.

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Authentication Successful

Caller Experience

Callers are guided through the verification process which is appless and does not require registration. The verification can be completed via a mobile device, or a desktop equipped with a camera.