The Business Challenge

Detecting stolen and synthetic identities at the front end of new account origination can pay dividends and help make fraud targets manageable, but too often, tightening fraud controls delivers an alienating experience to legitimate customers.

Through an elegant self-service KYC identity proofing workflow, 1Kosmos’ innovative identity proofing and authentication solutions remove friction during onboarding to accelerate customer acquisition. Then, they give customers a convenient digital wallet that eliminates most account takeover and financial fraud while making logging in a fun experience, an architectural advantage Our platform empowers individuals to access and share credentials securely. Learn More .

With 1Kosmos, you can differentiate between users with valid, verifiable identities and imposters hiding behind stolen or synthetic identities. Then, deliver legitimate customers the convenience, speed, and security they want through tailorable onboarding and authentication experiences they’ll enjoy.

The BlockID Advantage

Automate KYC and AML Compliant Identity Verification

1Kosmos BlockID is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the onboarding, verification, and authentication of customers and citizens, providing a frictionless experience and flexible levels of assurance for digital engagements. Our account enrollment and onboarding process supports various identity assurance levels for KYC and NIST 800-63-3 standards for Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) and Authentication Assurance Level 2 (AAL2). The 1Kosmos BlockID platform guides users through a web or mobile onboarding journey, leveraging various types of IDs to improve identity assurance.

During enrollment, the identity proofing process utilizes various government-issued credentials and supports document verification for over 205 countries, with over 99% identity proofing accuracy and spoofing and counterfeit detection.

In addition, the 1Kosmos BlockID platform complies with GDPR, SOC II, and ISO 27001 for handling and retention of sensitive data. This means ironclad security for your business and user privacy with information shared only with user consent, completely revolutionizing onboarding and fraud detection.

Empower Users to Control Their Personal Information

1Kosmos places users in sole control of their own information by securing information via cryptographically paired public-private key architecture, an architectural advantage A single platform anchored to a privacy by design certified framework. Learn More . For added security, 1Kosmos BlockID utilizes a private blockchain to decentralize data, eliminating administrative access to a centralized “honeypot” of information that hackers often target in data breach or ransomware attacks.

The data captured during the document verification process is managed through the citizen’s digital identity wallet. The data is encrypted and stored in a distributed ledger, accessible only via a FIDO2 certified private-public key pair secured in the TPM / Secure Enclave of a device and under the sole control of the user via their biometric. User identity can be secured across multiple devices, and since there is no centralized user store, a decentralized approach ensures there is no honey pot of personally identifiable information (PII Data) to secure against the threat of data breach.

Automatically Verify Identity for New Customer Accounts

1Kosmos provides a comprehensive digital identity solution through its BlockID platform, which includes a reusable identity wallet, an architectural advantage Our platform empowers individuals to access and share credentials securely. Learn More . The digital wallet allows users to securely store and manage their personal identity and credential information, providing them with complete control over their data, part of our privacy by design.

This wallet organizes and stores information gathered, triangulated, and validated during the identity proofing stage, including attributes from multiple proof-able sources. It enables a wide variety of applications that verify identity without requiring physical meetings, such as worker and contractor onboarding, resident applications for government services, and know your customer identity verification for financial services.

1Kosmos BlockID wallet ensures users that all personal information is encrypted end-to-end and becomes readily available anywhere at any time upon user consent.

Modernize Identity Verification for Rapid Onboarding

Identity verification is only as sound as the credential used. 1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing technology captures the information in the credential and looks to ensure the document is valid. For instance, 1Kosmos BlockID checks for common characteristics of the document to identify if a photocopy was used.

1Kosmos technology fuses AI and machine learning to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity. Additionally, our OCR technology can extract information from an ID and populate customer forms instantly. It can also read and compare the data on an ID’s NFC chip. This system reduces time and mistakes made during user onboarding.

In cases where a visual check of the data is required, 1Kosmos BlockID will work with third parties to validate the captured data and the ID document. Or, if organizations would prefer, 1Kosmos BlockID can activate an API to verify the data from the Country Signer Certificate Authority (CSCA) or from an issuing authority such as AAMVA for US drivers licenses, to validate the document and the data.

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