1Kosmos BlockID Verify digitally transforms user onboarding with convenient self-service identity verification, an architectural advantage Our platform provides tamper evident and trustworthy digital verification of identity and more. Learn More , and serves as a credential service provider meeting NIST 800-63-3 assurance level 2 (IAL2) for KYC / AML mandates, worker eligibility requirements, digital delivery of government and healthcare services and other commercial applications.

Our #1 rated NIST algorithm for non-bias racial or gender decisioning drives objectivity, equity, and fairness into your identification proofing processes, far outperforming manual, error-prone processes exceeding industry benchmarks to eliminate identity fraud, reduce operating costs, and minimize compliance risk.

This approach effectively differentiates between users with valid, verifiable identities and imposters hiding behind stolen or synthetic identities while minimizing manual reviews to accelerate new account origination and user onboarding and to give users the speed, convenience and privacy they need.

Self Service Identity Enrollment

Self Service Identity Enrollment

We support flexible levels of identity assertion through the use of LiveID, FaceID, device biometrics and any combination of government issued IDs, email, telco, SSN, and banking credentials.
Instant Identity Verification

Instant Identity Verification

Through data triangulation, we rationalize data extracted from government-issued credentials and then verify those documents with the issuing authority, such as AAMVA (driver’s license) and ICAO (passport).
Privacy by <br> Design

Privacy by

1Kosmos puts users in complete control of their own PII, eliminating hackable honeypots and giving users a distributed digital identity they manage as a portable digital wallet.


Modernize Identity Verification for Rapid Onboarding

As more services move online and the new hybrid hiring model becomes the norm, many organizations need remote identity verification for customers, workers and citizens. One challenge they face is serving all users equitably, not just those with convenient access to expensive handsets and internet services.

1Kosmos BlockID Verify supports repeatable, sustainable and efficient self-service identity verification via browser (appless) or by using a completely brandable mobile application that can be used stand-alone or easily embedded in an existing app via SDK. It can also include agent-assisted verification if required.

Our convenient identity proofing and verification takes just minutes to complete and accommodates government-issued credentials in 205 countries including driver’s license, passport, or National ID with +99% identity proofing accuracy and spoofing / counterfeit detection. We can also verify identity at lower levels of assurance using banking, telco (eg, SIM binding), email, Social Security Number, phone number, and other methods.

Defeat Facial Spoofing with Real Biometrics

Facial spoofing through the use of a photo, video, or mask presents a significant obstacle to remote identity verification.

1Kosmos has developed an innovative LiveID, an architectural advantage Our real biometrics (with verified liveness) are difficult to counterfeit, so they provide quick, consistent, and reliable authentication. Learn More , is certified to NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, and iBeta DEA EPCS standards to deliver certified Identity Assertion Level 2 verification. This is essentially a short selfie video that requires facial movements that can be randomized. Once validated as an actual human face, LiveID matches to the image on a scanned credential like the photo on a driver’s license or a passport to verify a likeness.

LiveID is a real biometric, not just the phone’s interpretation of someone’s face or finger. This means that any time LiveID is used, it is compared to the biometric captured during the enrollment process.

Close the Door on Fraudulent Documents

A fake driver’s license or passport can fool human verification up to 30% of the time. Our sophisticated AI and machine learning technology can detect even the most sophisticated fraudulent documents, with an accuracy of +99% within a workflow that is 100% automated and provides instant results. How?

1Kosmos technology fused AI and machine learning to review over 2,000 unique computer vision data models to verify an ID’s authenticity. Additionally, our OCR technology is able to extract information from an ID and populate customer forms instantly. It can also read and compare the data on an ID’s NFC chip. This system reduces time and mistakes made during user onboarding.

A remote verification step is required by NIST to reach desired Identity Assurance Levels (IAL). To meet the requirement, 1Kosmos uses a variety of vendors to achieve the intended assurance level, including but not limited to: Social Security Administration (SSA), American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), LexisNexis, wireless carriers, and third-party credit and debit card processors.

Empower Users to Control Their Personal Information

Privacy and security of user biometrics and other personal identifiable Information (PII)  is critical to comply with GDPR and somewhere in excess of 230 GDPR-like regulations around the world. It’s also important to give users the assurance they need that their information is not accessible without their explicit consent.

Via a portable identity wallet, an architectural advantage Our platform empowers individuals to access and share credentials securely. Learn More , 1Kosmos places users in sole control of their own information by securing information via a cryptographically paired public-private key architecture. For added security, 1Kosmos BlockID utilizes a private blockchain to decentralize data, eliminating administrative access to a centralized “honeypot” of information that hackers often target in data breach or ransomware attacks.

All updates are encrypted and written to the permissioned blockchain according to W3C DID standard, ensuring privacy, security and complete auditability. Only the enrolled user has access to the private key required to access and share their information at any time and with any online service.

To support this claim, the 1Kosmos BlockID platform has passed rigorous industry certifications including FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, iBeta DEA EPCS, SOC2 and ISO 27001. Our platform is also compliant to W3C-DID and W3C-VC standards. To maintain our commitment as a security vendor to release quality code, we maintain these certifications via periodic reviews and audits through appropriate standards bodies such as FIDO, the Kantara Initiative, and iBeta DEA EPCS.

Give Admins and DevOps the Tools They Need

We’ve developed our mission-critical platform to require no custom coding, special firewall rules or special security configurations. Deployment is simple and fast, with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust SDK / API framework that complies with the strictest GDPR, SOC2 and ISO 27001 certification standards for handling and retention of sensitive data.

This enables ID proofing to be quickly integrated into native apps via an API, mobile, web, or desktop integration. This flexible, standards-based approach can meet the needs of most any workflow and enables 1Kosmos BlockID to satisfy both workforce and customer identity verification.

As a cloud-based identity provider, BlockID also comes with an administration portal that provides easy access to the configuration and management of the BlockID platform.

For Developers, the DevX portal provides a hosted sandbox to test FIDO-based authentication and features a guided tour for building different authentication options into your applications. Our Developer Sandbox is an easy, interactive, hands-on way for developers to learn about authentication and identity proofing. Developers can test use cases in the sandbox using the available APIs for FIDO-based authentication, WebAuthn, Magic Links and drivers license verification.

For enterprises looking to implement a passwordless pilot program, we offer a cloud-based user store where new distributed digital identities can be created and managed.

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