Perform Virtual Identity Verification

Our solutions are certified to FIDO2 and NIST 800-63-3 standards to perform an instant IAL2 certified identity verification without requiring the individual to be present at a physical location.

One Solution Supports Both Workers and Customers

1Kosmos BlockID Verify provides out-of-the-box support for both business-to-employee (e.g. I9 employment eligibility) and business-to-customer (e.g., Know Your Customer) identity verification.

Self Service Enrollment

It takes users just a minute or so to download the app, scan their biometric, and verify credentials, without assistance, eliminating the need to exchange sensitive documents by email or to appear in person.

Instant Identity Verification

Our solutions triangulate a “live selfie” to one or more identity document(s) and then for verification to the issuing authorities, correlating information from multiple sources.

IAL2 Certified Interoperability

FIDO2 and NIST 800 63-3 certifications provide interoperability to online services requiring identity proofing (e.g., KYC/I9) at Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2).


User Identity Proofing

1Kosmos BlockID Verify performs identity verification in 150 countries and can include agent assisted document verification. In partnership with Zenkey we can also establish trust from the user’s mobile device, SIM, carrier account and location and via a similar partnership with Plaid we establish trust from pre-proofed Bank ID’s at over 11,000 banks.

We offer multiple ways to verify identities to enable businesses to trust that they are transacting with legitimate individuals who are who they claim to be. Our systems are specifically designed and certified to industry open standards to evolve with the needs of our customers.

GDPR Privacy by Design

A user’s encrypted digital identity is stored in a distributed ledger, accessible only via a FIDO2 certified private-public key pair secured in the TPM / Secure Enclave of a device and under sole control by the user via their biometric.

User identity can be secured across multiple devices and since there is no user store, there is no honey pot of personally identifiable Information to secure against the threat of data breach.

Fast API / SDK Deployment

1Kosmos BlockID Verify is deployed via a developer-friendly SDK and APIs that comply with the strictest GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001 certification standards for handling and retention of sensitive data. For users, QR codes deploy alongside traditional OS, App, SSO, and MFA login.

We’ve developed our mission-critical platform to require no custom coding, no special firewall rules, or special security configurations. Deployment is simple and fast – typically in under a week – with ready integration to existing applications and services with low risk and no disruption.

Ready to go Passwordless?

Indisputable identity-proofing, advanced biometrics-powered passwordless authentication and fraud detection in a single application.