The Business Challenge

In the realm of modern cybersecurity, the journey towards passwordless authentication is a complex one, marked by the challenge of user adoption. Organizations, guided by security and IT teams, navigate a heterogeneous landscape of old and new systems acquired over the years. While newer systems readily embrace the concept of passwordless authentication, the older counterparts present a formidable challenge.

This journey towards passwordless authentication intersects with the evolution of multi-factor authentication (MFA), which has long been the go-to strategy for mitigating vulnerabilities in traditional password-based systems.  In this intricate dance between evolving authentication methods, advanced threats, and the ever-present challenges of user adoption, 1Kosmos supports multiple MFA methods, including biometrics, supporting an organization’s journey toward a more secure future.

The BlockID Advantage

Authenticate with Verified Identity Biometrics

LiveID biometrics are the cornerstone for how 1Kosmos BlockID delivers this advanced biometric authentication, an architectural advantage Our platform provides tamper evident, and trustworthy digital identity verification and more. Learn More . Our strong biometric-based identity provides flexible levels of identity assurance and provides a passwordless experience. 1Kosmos LiveID is a feature that gives organizations the highest level of assurance for the identity on the other side of digital engagement. LiveID is used for account enrollment and onboarding to ensure the user is real and human, not a bot or somebody trying to spoof the identity.

When enrolling a user, LiveID leverages the front-facing camera on the mobile device (selfie camera) and records a video of the user. Once LiveID has determined the user is real in front of the camera, LiveID will capture a ”selfie” of the user.

For authentication, LiveID will again ensure that the person in front of the mobile device is live, capture a selfie to ensure an identity match, and authenticate the user.

Address All Authentication Needs

1Kosmos BlockID is FIDO certified which means the platform has undergone rigorous testing to verify quality coding and ensure the use of common devices to securely authenticate into web services. When combined with a verified identity, these deliver unmatched security and convenience.

FIDO supports hardware-based token authentication, including using USB keys, keycard authentication, fingerprint readers, and hardware tokens and provides a robust framework to implement passwordless authentication without having to lock into a single vendor or service provider.

With FIDO biometrics, you’ll also get the benefits of stronger security using physical traits (for example, including a fingerprint scan in a USB security key or leveraging FIDO-compliant facial recognition) in a Windows laptop.

Provide Role Based Worker Authentication

With 1Kosmos BlockID Workforce, there is no practical limit to the number of personas or accounts a user can have. Users can be enabled on any number of accounts — the platform binds their biometric to a FIDO2 certified credential, providing access to multiple accounts via one consistent experience.

1Kosmos is a perfect solution for users with elevated privileges. Allow these users to authenticate with our LiveID, without passwords, with high assurance (AAL2). The elimination of a password, as well as the utilization of advanced biometrics for authentication, rules out any risks related to password sharing and, therefore, insider threats. Plus, our authentication’s immutable audit trail means that every access request can be verified if or when you need to audit an event.

Give Admins and DevOps the Tools They Need

We’ve developed our mission-critical platform to require no custom coding, special firewall rules or special security configurations. Deployment is simple and fast, with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust SDK / API framework that complies with the strictest GDPR, SOC2 and ISO 27001 certification standards for handling and retention of sensitive data.

This enables ID proofing and authentication methods to be quickly integrated into native apps via an API, mobile, web, or desktop integration. This flexible, standards-based approach can meet most workflow’s needs and enables 1Kosmos BlockID to satisfy workforce and customer identity verification.

As a cloud-based identity provider, BlockID also comes with an administration portal that provides easy access to the configuration and management of the BlockID platform.

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