The 1Kosmos Architectural Advantage

Why BlockID

Blockchain technology has several security features proven over time as a superior way to manage and maintain digital property rights. Among them user controlled data, peer-to-peer, cryptographically secure sharing without an administrative intermediary, and an immutable digital “chain of custody” containing a detailed digital audit log of all user interactions. This makes it an ideal technology to manage and protect the most valuable digital asset of all - digital identity, otherwise known as an identity wallet, which can store a wide-range of information including personal details, legal and educational credentials, financial accounts, digital health records and more.

Trust on First and Every Use

Our private and permissioned blockchain creates an immutable, tamper proof audit log of all updates and access attempts. It cannot be modified by the user, 1Kosmos or any third party.

High Level of Assurance

With irrefutable proof of identity and access, organizations establish a trust layer for data, signatures and the true identity of the user behind the device.

Business Agility and Speed

High trust in the integrity of users and data allows organizations to focus on the business at hand to deliver the cost, quality and services needed to drive customer loyalty and capture market share.

Key Benefits

Privacy by Design

Without a centralized administration authority, our private blockchain technology enables individuals sole access and control of all personally identifiable information. This privacy-by-design approach enables end users to view and approve or reject sharing of any and all information requested by online services they wish to access. All personal identifiable information (PII) is encrypted end-to-end so it’s never exposed. Users approve or reject sharing requests directly with the applications to which they connect without any third party intermediary having access to their data - no external public key server, host messaging server, etc. has access to the keys or plaintext messages.

Immutable Audit Trail

Similar to a public blockchain, the private, permissioned ledger in BlockID retains a detailed, immutable audit trail of all events, enabling visibility to all logins, access attempts, information updates, and shared information related to the digital identity. A private ledger acts as a closed network where information from separate organizations or lines of business can be stored separately – each with its own private ledger. This extraordinary level of audit and visibility helps prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions, providing a high level of assurance for the identity behind the device.

Industry Certifications

Because BlockID follows the W3C specifications and is certified to NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, and FIDO2, it uses public-private key cryptography to record and access all information. The private keys or stored in the secure enclave or TPM chip of the endpoint or user’s device, which can be secured to the very highest digital standard of IAL2 / AAL2 supported by NIST. The next highest level of IAL3 / AAL3 that is generally reserved for human verification, but can be achieved via agent-assisted authentication through 1Kosmos partners.


In addition to the public-private key security that is used for encryption, signing, and making relationships with other parties and afforded by certification to NIST, UK DIATF, and FIDO specifications, 1Kosmos LiveID biometrics are certified to iBeta DEA EPCS specifications (21 CFR 1311.116 test) providing assurance of liveness and achieving a false match rate (FMR) of less than 0.1% at 95% confidence interval. In addition, with a private, permissioned ledger there is no central “honeypot” of user PII for hackers to target, further defeating risk of ransomware and data breach. The implementation of a specific DID scheme on a particular Distributed Ledger Technology or network follows W3C DID specifications. These specifications include defining the precise method(s) for reading, writing, and revoking DIDs and DID Documents.

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