The Business Challenge

Globally, workers have become accustomed to emailing static images of government-issued identity documents, which can lead to unintended disclosure if the devices or accounts become compromised. However, this remote process does not bind the true identity of the person sending the documents to the user account, potentially allowing a different individual to start work as an employee or contractor. Unfortunately, this scenario occurs frequently. 

1Kosmos streamlines workforce identity verification, ensures objectivity, equity, and fairness, outperforming manual processes to eliminate identity fraud, reduce costs, and minimize compliance risk, an architectural advantage Our platform provides tamper evident and trustworthy digital verification of identity and more. Learn More . Our approach accelerates user onboarding while maintaining privacy and differentiating between valid identities and imposters hiding behind stolen or synthetic identities.

The BlockID Advantage

Modernize Identity Verification for Rapid Onboarding

Modernizing identity proofing and verification for the rapid onboarding of new employees is essential as more organizations move to a remote or hybrid hiring model. 1Kosmos offers self-service identity verification that accommodates government-issued credentials in 205 countries with over 99% accuracy.

Additionally, self-service document verification automates workflow and alleviates administrative overhead. Our platform also supports agent-assisted verification if required. Verified users are bound to their account through a biometric with a liveness check to ensure the enrolled user is the user requesting passwordless access. 

For existing users, onboarding is simple, as they receive an invite to register for passwordless access, eliminating the need for re-verification. However, employees can follow the onboarding workflow with the same result if there is a need to reverify a user for any reason.

Defeat Facial Spoofing with Real Biometrics

Facial spoofing, whether through a photo, video, or mask, poses a formidable challenge to remote identity verification. To combat this, 1Kosmos LiveID, an architectural advantage Our real biometrics (with verified liveness) are difficult to counterfeit, so they provide quick, consistent, and reliable authentication. Learn More , is certified to NIST 800-63-3, UKDIATF, and iBeta DEA EPCS standards to deliver certified Identity Assertion Level 2 verification.

1Kosmos LiveID is not just a short selfie video; it’s a real biometric breakthrough that demands facial movements, adding an extra layer of security. This randomized element ensures that the facial features captured are genuine and not easily replicated, an architectural advantage.

Unlike mere interpretations of facial features by phones, LiveID guarantees authenticity by comparing the biometric data captured during the enrollment process each time it is used. A liveness test is executed for access to online services, and any deviation from the initial enrollment biometric results in authentication failure. Moreover, LiveID serves as a safeguard against compromised TouchID and FaceID forms of device biometrics.

Empower Users to Control Their Personal Information

Similar to a public blockchain, the 1Kosmos private, permissioned ledger in BlockID retains an immutable audit trail of all events, enabling visibility to all logins, access attempts, information updates, and shared information related to the digital identity, an architectural advantage Our platform empowers individuals to access and share credentials securely. Learn More . A private ledger acts as a closed network where information from separate organizations or lines of business can be stored separately – each with its own private ledger. This extraordinary level of audit and visibility helps prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions, providing a high level of assurance for the identity behind the device.

The employee content stored on the ledger simplifies meeting compliance mandates as the data belongs to the user, not the organization or 1Kosmos. Additionally, if the employee or contractor leaves and returns to the organization, the account can be reinstated by providing their biometric or a predetermined data point like a passport. Again, reducing the cost and improving the management of user identities.

Build Secure Authentication Through Verified Identity

Public Key Cryptography, a fundamental aspect of BlockID, entails the use of a decentralized identifier in conjunction with a cryptographic public-private key pair to form the identity wallet, an architectural advantage Our platform empowers individuals to access and share credentials securely. Learn More . This wallet securely houses personal information and credentials, necessitating the user’s private key and biometrics for data access.

The private key remains confined within the Secure Enclave (i.e., Trusted Platform Module) of the device, and biometric authentication adheres to the highest digital standards, surpassing the security levels achievable with passwords, traditional multi-factor authentication, and unverified device-level biometrics. This robust approach significantly mitigates cyber threats related to account credential compromise, such as phishing, data breaches, and compromised account credentials.

Easily deploy 1Kosmos BlockID’s advanced security capabilities through integration which aligns with industry standards like W3C, REST, OAuth, OIDC, SAML, and FIDO. Additionally, it ensures legacy support via RADIUS and promotes interoperability across a spectrum of operating systems, encompassing Windows, Office365, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Unix.

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