The Business Challenge

Demands by citizens and residents for digital government services has resulted in rampant identity fraud impeding digital transformation and costing taxpayers millions. Stopping fraud means blocking synthetic and stolen identities during the application process and securing resident accounts from phishing and social engineering attacks aimed at account takeover.

1Kosmos’ Credential Service Provider (CSP) is a user-centric, modern, and privacy-led, managed service that performs identity verification at the time of enrollment and then authenticates identity at first and every access to enable agencies to focus scarce resources on the efficient delivery of services to the people who are entitled to receive them.

The 1Kosmos CSP managed service replaces slow, error prone manual processes and significantly reduces IT management and overhead costs. The result enables government agencies to eliminate honeypots of data and to focus scarce resources on the efficient delivery of services to the people who are entitled to receive them.

The 1Kosmos Advantage

Empower Users to Control Their Personal Information

Privacy and security of resident and citizen biometrics and other personal identifiable Information (PII) is critical to comply with 230+ similar privacy regulations around the world, including California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It is also important to give residents the assurance they need that their information is not accessible without their explicit consent.

The 1Kosmos CSP places citizens and residents in sole control of their own information by securing information via cryptographically paired public-private key architecture. For added security, 1Kosmos utilizes a private and permissioned distributed ledger to decentralize data, eliminating administrative access to a centralized “honeypot” of information that hackers often target in data breach or ransomware attacks.

All updates are encrypted and written according to W3C Decentralized Identity (DID) standards, ensuring privacy, security, and complete auditability. Only the enrolled resident has access to the private key required to access and share their information at any time and with any online service.

Verify citizens and residents and eliminate synthetic ID fraud

The 1Kosmos CSP digitally transforms identity enrollment and authentication for citizens and residents, so government agencies gain the security advantage they need to defend against phishing and fraudulent activities targeting services.

During customer onboarding, 1Kosmos detects stolen and synthetic identity fraud through a self-service enrollment process.

Our identity proofing utilizes many factors of identity, including government issued ID like a driver’s license or passport, and lower levels of identity assurance, such as bank account, telco account, email, social security number, and phone number, ensuring access for more citizens and residents.

The 1Kosmos CSP service can meet up to a NIST identity assurance level 2 (e.g., IAL2) and authentication assurance level 2 (e.g., AAL2) anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The data extracted from the identity evidence is used to build a convenient reusable digital wallet for frictionless MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), including an identity based biometric.

Build Citizen and Resident Trust with Enterprise Grade Security

After identity verification and customer enrollment, typically citizens and residents are issued weak credentials such as username and password. The 1Kosmos CSP provides an authentication platform to support phishing resistant passwordless multi-factor authentication.

1Kosmos’ authentication methods are available as an appless experience or through our SDK, and can be easily integrated into any mobile app, delivered through our 1Kosmos app. Citizens and residents can authenticate via any deployed authentication method depending on the business need, the risk profile of the activity, and the security requirement for each access request.

Agencies can implement any authentication method, including device biometrics, 1Kosmos LiveID, FIDO passkeys, push message, email/SMS/Token, 3rd party hardware token, and even Windows Hello or Mac TouchID.

Utilize a Credential Service Provider (CSP) with Ease

The entire user journey is managed by the 1Kosmos CSP, streamlining the management of resident data and requiring no investment or deployment of hardware or software. As a cloud-based identity provider, the 1Kosmos CSP comes with several administration features, including with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integrations into common identity technologies, such as Entra, Ping, Okta, and more.

The 1Kosmos CSP is certified to NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, FIDO2, ISO27001, SOC II Type 2 and iBeta DEA EPCS, ISO/IEC 30107-3 standards which are contemporary technical standards designed to ensure security and interoperability for biometric authentication and passwordless access. 1Kosmos’ platform has passed rigorous testing to validate our development is to the highest quality standards.

Additionally, the 1Kosmos platform and the CSP are aligned to US Federal requirements, including Privacy Act, Section 508, EO13985 (multi-language), EO14028, OMB M19-17, OMB M22-09, NIST 800 series, as well as FedRAMP and FIPS.

Deploy Self-Service Citizen Enrollment for All

The 1Kosmos platform offers many modalities through which citizens can enroll to IAL2, including web interface, mobile app, agent assisted / remote supervised, or in-person proofing. To reduce the need for a trusted referee, we utilize non-traditional data sources (i.e., telco records, etc.) to allow for high assurance remote identity proofing.

The 1Kosmos platform delivers identity verification results without human or AI bias for both gender and race.

The CSP can also verify an unlimited array of identity details, including government issued ID, education qualifications, healthcare data, financial account details, and other third-party machine-readable personal information. This includes underserved, unbanked, thin-file, and no-hit populations in the U.S.

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