The Business Challenge

Among the many elements of zero trust, verifying identity arguably lies at the core. Why? Because all logins start with identity.  While understanding what, where, and potentially why a user needs access, doing so without verifying an identity defeats zero trust principles. All that follows becomes more manageable when the login is secured to prevent unauthorized access.

At enrollment and depending on the needs of the business/roles, 1Kosmos BlockID Workforce quickly and easily identity-proofs users at various levels of identity assurance. From that point forward, zero trust authentication takes place through biometric matches via a live biometric to the one captured at enrollment. Ultimately, the user becomes the authenticator, eliminating passwords and user stores to minimize threats from email phishing, insider account takeover, and password-based brute force attacks.

The BlockID Advantage

Deliver High Assurance of Authenticated Users

1Kosmos is at the forefront of Zero Trust authentication, providing a seamless and secure user experience. Our BlockID platform ensures that individuals are who they claim to be by using an identity-based authentication approach, aligning with Zero Trust security’s core principles.

Through our identity based Zero Trust approach, real biometrics, cryptographic proof of possession, and audit, we provide a secure and user-friendly authentication experience. 1Kosmos is committed to establishing user-controlled identity and proving authentication with previously established identity, making it a leading solution for organizations looking to implement Zero Trust security measures.

Deploy Unrivalled Biometric Authentication

FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, and UKDIATF certifications provide the highest level of digital biometric identity and authentication assurance with superior interoperability.

We use the Trusted Platform Module / Secure Enclave of a device (what you have) and a live biometric (what you are) to perform multi-factor authentication. In terminology familiar for Strong Customer Authentication, the device becomes the “possession element” and the biometric the “inherence element.”

Because our platform is certified, it provides certified identity assurance level 2 (IAL2) and certified authentication assurance level 2 (AAL2) and offers a high degree of interoperability via a robust API and SDK.

Authenticate with Verified Identity

Facial spoofing, whether through a photo, video, or mask, poses a formidable challenge to remote identity verification. To combat this, 1Kosmos presents LiveID, an innovative solution with architectural prowess. Certified to NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, and iBeta DEA EPCS standards, LiveID delivers Identity Assertion Level 2 verification.

1Kosmos LiveID is not just a short selfie video; it’s a real biometric breakthrough that demands facial movements, adding an extra layer of security, an architectural advantage Our platform provides tamper evident, and trustworthy digital identity verification and more. Learn More . This randomized element ensures that the facial features captured are genuine and not easily replicated, an architectural advantage. Unlike mere interpretations of facial features by phones, LiveID guarantees authenticity by comparing the biometric data captured during the enrollment process each time it is used.

Deploy What You Need, When You Need It

Modernizing identity verification for the rapid onboarding of new employees is essential as more organizations move to a remote or hybrid hiring model. 1Kosmos offers self-service identity verification that accommodates government-issued credentials in 205 countries with over 99% accuracy. Additionally, self-service document verification automates workflow and alleviates administrative overhead. Our platform also supports agent-assisted verification if required. Verified users are bound to their account through a biometric with a liveness check to ensure the enrolled user is the user requesting passwordless access.

As a cloud-based identity provider, 1Kosmos BlockID comes with several exciting administration features. The administration portal provides easy access to the configuration and management of the BlockID platform. Starting with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integrations into common technologies, including AzurePingOktaO365, and more.

Alternatively, by implementing our mobile SDK/API, you can securely integrate all functionality into your existing app or service. This approach eliminates silos created when managing multiple apps and services.

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