Passwordless Authentication Makes 1Kosmos the Most Advanced Startup

Passwordless authentication is one of the top features that led Alestra to call 1Kosmos the “most advanced startup” in their 5th generation of the NAVE program. While many companies offer passwordless solutions, 1Kosmos goes beyond all solutions on the market by utilizing non spoofable advanced biometrics, and storing user data in a private blockchain ecosystem. The 1Kosmos BlockID solution is the only way to indisputably verify who your employees and customers are per the IAL2 and AAL2 guidelines. Passwordless solutions provide numerous benefits to individuals and organizations. First, the elimination of passwords means that organizations are no longer susceptible to security breaches when their employees manage passwords poorly. Additionally, the employee user experience is greatly simplified. They won’t need to store passwords on desktop sticky notes or harass the help desk every 30 days for a $70 reset. Lastly, help desk costs will drastically decrease when they don’t need to manage every employee’s password.

What is the Alestra NAVE Program?

Alestra is a Mexican IT Services company headquartered in San Pedro Garza García in Monterrey, Mexico. It provides IT solutions for the corporate sector in Mexico. Alestra’s NAVE open innovation program is intended to grow its offering of digital transformation services. Since 2016 Alestra has carried out open innovation processes through its NAVE program to strengthen its culture as an innovative organization. In the last five years, the collaboration between Alestra and startups selected in the NAVE program has facilitated the development of seven new products and connections to over 100 key clients amounting to a total of 36 million pesos in innovation services sold.

1Kosmos One of Six Winners Selected from 1,000 Entrants

In February, 1Kosmos was one of six winners of this program selected from over 1,000 entrants, highlighting the innovative platform in cybersecurity using advanced next generation technologies. Over the course of the 16 week program which concludes in May, 1Kosmos has been introducing its technology to Alestra’s clients with the objective of formalizing business alliances and strengthening Alestra’s portfolio of digital transformation services. Alestra has over 18,000 clients and over 90 percent of the top financial companies in Mexico as their customers.

Jenaro Martinez, Director of Innovation with Alestra said, “At Alestra, we are very excited to have 1Kosmos – BlockID as part of the latest edition of our NAVE Open Innovation Program. They were selected after analyzing more than a 1000 companies around the world, and we are sure that their unique passwordless identity solution based on blockchain will help companies like ours to enable our digital transformation.”

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FIDO2 Authentication with 1Kosmos
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