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Waves is a new blockchain platform founded by Russian physicist, Alexander Ivanov, and was developed and operated by Waves Platform AG. The unique feature the Waves platform offers is that it allows users to create, distribute and trade their custom tokens in a transparent, auditable and decentralized form.

Waves launched their Bitcoin gateway in March 2017, which allowed users to hold and exchange the cryptocurrency on it’s network. The gateway for Ether was launched in June 2017 and Litecoin and Zcash gateways were launched in October 2017. The gateway for Euros and US Dollars were launched in May and June 2017, respectively.

Tools And Services Offered By Waves

Waves has many powerful tools and services and is highly accessible. The following are some of the features:

  • Clean and familiar UX
  • Chrome app and HTML lite client
  • Not necessary to download a blockchain

Low in cost, fast and scalable

  • Low transaction fees
  • TX fees can be paid in tokens
  • One-minute blocks
  • Transfers up to 1000 txs/sec

Accessible fiat transfers

  • USD and EUR blockchain tokens and other tokens are also on the way
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coin gateways are available
  • Gateways are compliant and licensed in and out of the blockchains

Easy coin operations

  • Offers tools for mass distribution of tokens
  • Launches a new token within a minute
  • Ideal for crowdfunding

It provides a decentralized exchange

  • Allows trade of any pair of the wave token
  • Allows Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Near real-time order matching
  • Offers blockchain security settlement

Partnerships And Collaborations

Waves has proven to be very successful and has garnered the attention of many organizations and social projects. This includes Upcoin, a political engagement initiative, MobileGo, a mobile gaming platform, Incent, a blockchain loyalty scheme, Tokenomica, a transparent venture capitalization organization, and ZrCoin, a green technology business.

How Waves Works

The new tokens created by users are made through attachments on blockchain transactions and with each new token, the network client software needs to be updated with each new transaction type. This process is known as a hard fork, but to prevent this, Waves has implemented a new transactions type made through plugins, which are extensions on top of the core software. The transactions included in the core software are:

  • Decentralized Exchange DEX
  • Custom application tokens CAT
  • Anonymity features

Creating Tokens

Waves primarily focuses on the creation and transfer of custom tokens. The token can be created by the lite client, available on Android, iOS, and on the Web. Once the tokens are created, they can be bought, sold and traded without the need for a middleman. It costs one wave to create one token and the coins can represent whatever the users chooses since the user is the one to modify it.


The decentralized exchange used by Wave reduces the risks that are associated with a central exchange. So funds can be stored in a wallet directly and there’s no chance of the DEX being hacked. Decentralization gives users complete control over their account and no administrator can freeze accounts or limit transactions.


The Waves fiat gateways are run by complaint gateway operators, organizations through which users can convert the fiat currencies to tokens. They can then be transferred on the blockchain, which is way faster than the traditional transfer of payments.

Multiple trading pairs are available on the DEX. This includes Bitcoin with Litecoin and Bitcoin with USD. The most popular trades on DEX are between Bitcoin and Waves. What’s best is that all crypto-to-crypto orders made on the DEX are anonymous.

Waves is different from other blockchain companies and the traditional architecture they share because it uses a two-tier architecture, which has both lightweight and full nodes that maintain the network.

Buying Waves

To purchase Waves you have three options available:

  • Exchanges: Waves are available for trading on numerous Exchanges like Bitterex and Binance. First, you will need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum, then transfer your funds to the mentioned exchanges and finallyyou can trade them for Waves.
  • DEX: can also be used to exchange for Waves. The token can be traded with Bitcoin, EUR, and USD. It’s easier to trade with Bitcoin because it offers a higher volume.
  • Faucet: If you are on a strict budget and want to own only a few Waves, then Faucet is going to work for you. It’s free, and with it, you can earn up to 0.0001 Waves per hour.

Storing Waves

To store Waves, you should use the lite wallet client, which is provided by the client. The wallet is available on Chrome as an extension and on Apple and Play store. Funds should never be kept in the exchange as this leaves them open for hackers.

Why You Should Consider Waves

  • During 2017 the value of Waves increased significantly and it keeps increasing month by month, even into 2018.
  • Financial experts have been giving Waves an excellent review claiming it can become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the coming months. In 2017, Waves experienced a massive leap in value equal to 600%.
  • One crucial thing that Waves investors realized was that the value of Waves can be increased by holding Waves currencies within the Lite client. This will decrease the number of Waves available and increase the value of the coins.
  • Waves offers decentralized crowdfunding, which means that you can fund your campaigns and projects without a third party getting involved. Overall Waves has shown promising technological advancement.
  • Waves has integrated privacy as the main component of its system. All transactions and actions are private and secure. Due to the strong encryption used by Waves, privacy is guaranteed and information will only be shared with the chosen parties.

This article was written and published originally on mintdice. You can visit the article here.

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