Minimize user friction

FIDO WebAuthn is the most secure and usable authentication method on the web. Some key reasons for this are:

  • It minimizes login friction. A simple and familiar gesture lets users authenticate.
  • It’s the only web authentication method that is phishing resistant.
  • It’s standard based and implemented across browsers and operating systems

1Kosmos now allows administrators to control how they want to roll out FIDO options to their users. 

Controlled enrollment of FIDO keys 

Support for roaming authenticators (security keys) and platform authenticators like TouchID, Windows Hello. Disable platform/roaming authenticators to meet your enterprise policy. 

Manage Allowed Security Keys

We offer support for a host of YubiKeys out of the box. Disable certain keys if they do not meet your enterprise policy. 

Support new security key brands

Have a new brand of keys? Upload the metadata for the new security key, enable it and let users login the new security key, all in snap. 

Disable FIDO enrollment and authentication

For enterprises that are not ready to support FIDO authentication, disable user access to enroll or authenticate with security key or device biometrics. 

Track FIDO Logins 

View metrics on FIDO devices enrolled and authentications performed using FIDO