Why Modernize Identity and Access Management?

Identity isn't a password, one time code, device or biometric. Identity can be spoofed or stolen when one of these methods is used for authentication into a digital service. And, as that routinely happens, attackers then gain instant access to all authorized services reserved for the legitimate user exposing organizations to massive disruption, financial loss and reputational damage. Decades ago, there were few options around this inherent risk.
Through the innovative application of multiple new technologies, 1Kosmos BlockID verifies identity at first and every digital touch, closing the security gaps in legacy IAM to deliver the level of trust and convenience required by digital business. It delivers the experience users demand while enabling IT organizations to reduce complexity, overcome authentication sllos, and securely address diverse technologies to help rapidly transform digital services.

Demonstration Videos

See how 1Kosmos BlockID Modernizes User Onboarding and Authentication

BlockID Verify

This demo showcases how 1Kosmos digitally transforms user onboarding with a convenient self-service identity verification workflow. Users maintain complete control over their data and decide when to share and with whom.

(9:43 minutes)

BlockID Workforce

This demo illustrates how 1Kosmos binds an employee's verified identity to non-phishable passwordless multi factor authentication. In this instance, we illustrate logging in with TouchID / FaceID. Users like it. Security teams love it!

(3:49 minutes)

BlockID Customer

This demo illustrates how 1Kosmos modernizes customer onboarding providing a convenient, identity-backed digital wallet to login, transact and safely share PII. See how to tailor authentication assurance to the risk of the access request.

(8:01 minutes)

One Platform for Identity Proofing, Passwordless MFA and Strong Customer Authentication

BlockID Verify

1Kosmos BlockID Verify digitally transforms user onboarding with a tailorable self-service identity verification process certified to NIST 800-63-3 for KYC / AML compliance, employee verification requirements, digital delivery of government and healthcare services, and other commercial applications. BlockID Verify effectively differentiates between users with valid, verifiable identities and imposters hiding behind stolen or synthetic identities.​ ​

BlockID Workforce

1Kosmos BlockID Workforce provides workers convenient biometric multi-factor authentication with the added security of identity verification. Unlike other point solutions, BlockID Workforce provides a single point of control for authentication across multiple environments including Windows, Office365, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Unix. It’s ideal for organizations that want to get out of a patchwork approach for passwordless authentication across the enterprise.

BlockID Customer

1Kosmos BlockID Customer is a passwordless authentication solution that digitally transforms new account origination with a tailorable user journey and then provides a convenient, flexible multi-factor authenticator to meet users demands. Unlike other CIAM solutions, BlockID Customer can deliver a certified identity up to IAL2 / AAL2 to give customers freedom to transact and protect privacy across devices via an elegant, brand-boosting user experience which can pay dividends in higher customer satisfaction and lifetime value.​

non-bias decisioning accuracy
Identities Managed
Removes up to
of your passwords in the first 90 days
Certified to FIDO2, UK DIATF and NIST 800-63-3

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