1Kosmos and RSA/Outseer Partnership Protects Against Account Takeover (ATO) Attacks and Account Enrollment Fraud

Today is another exciting day for the team here at 1Kosmos. Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with Outseer, the leader in payment authentication and monitoring cybersecurity and risk management solutions.

A key strength of 1Kosmos is how we deliver a distributed digital identity platform that is both FIDO2 and NIST certified, providing strong customer authentication to secure account enrollment, logins, payment processing, and in doing so eliminate identity fraud. Our core capabilities align perfectly with the mission Outseer has put into place – ridding the world of financial transaction fraud.

The Outseer platform is the leader in payment authentication and monitoring solutions. But when combined with 1Kosmos we take it two steps further. Outseer will leverage 1Kosmos BlockID Customer to integrate identity-based enrollment and authentication capabilities to extend the use cases of its Outseer Fraud Manager platform.

The benefits of the partnership are clear. Organizations implementing the combined solution will limit account enrollment fraud by achieving high identity assurance for new customers through advanced proofing techniques. This includes digital validation of a live person against a Government ID and document verification against third-party databases like AAMVA.

Organizations will also benefit by significantly reducing account takeover fraud through an advanced identity verification certified to NIST IAL2 and ensure strong identity-based authentication for logins through advanced biometrics, FIDO2-enabled authentication.

The team at Outseer partnered with 1Kosmos because we are the industry’s first FIDO2/NIST certified solution providing strong customer authentication to secure account enrollment, logins, payment processing, and eliminate identity fraud without introducing friction into the customer experience.

Kantara Initiative approves 1Kosmos as a Full Service, conformant with NIST SP 800-63 rev. 3 Class of Approval at IAL2 and AAL2. IAL2 introduces the need for remote or physically present identity proofing, and AAL2 provides high confidence that the claimant controls authenticator(s) bound to the subscriber’s account.

FIDO2 accelerates the industry’s shift away from passwords by allowing common devices to securely and easily authenticate in mobile and desktop environments. BlockID creates a paradigm shift with both these certifications by bringing identity-based authentication to FIDO and reaching certified IAL2 per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines, making identities unspoofable.

Please visit the Outseer press release, Outseer blog post, or watch our Vlog with 1Kosmos CMO Michael Cichon and Outseer CMO Armen Najarian to learn more about this partnership.

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