Use our new OIDC-compliant authentication protocol to perform two-factor authentication.

Standalone applications can now invoke 1Kosmos for second factor authentication to make their sign in process more secure. We see two emblematic use cases where application owners can utilize this new feature: 

Second Factor authentication: Organizations want to ensure MFA is in place on every interaction to mitigate any risks associated with plain Username-Password authentication. On every request to access, the 1Kosmos platform can act as a second factor providing options to verify the user.   

Step Up authentication: Users want seamless access to certain resources, but organizations want to verify their identities before they access anything more sensitive. A step-up can be performed during the user’s existing session to verify their identity. 

Step-up Authentication Prompt

Login handling is separated into two parts. First factor is performed by the app to request username & password. The second step involves calling the 1Kosmos platform to render the Authentication Prompt providing the user different options to verify their identity. 

  • Passcode sent to user’s phone number
  • Passcode sent to user’s email address
  • Push notification sent to a registered device

Upon successful authentication, users are securely returned to their application. Application owners can be confident of people who are using their service and ensure a great balance between friction and security. Learn more in our product documentation