Authenticating Windows workstations with BlockID just got updated!

The BlockID Windows Credential Provider now supports an additional password factor that can be used along with one-time passcodes (OTPs) for added security!

When this feature is enabled, the user is challenged for their username, password and the Workstation OTP from the BlockID mobile app. This feature can be turned on using the “Allow Password Factor” setting provided in the BlockID Configurator.

This configuration achieves multi-factor authentication for organizations that require passwords to be used. 

Hardware OTP Support 

In addition to the Workstation OTP, an end user has the ability to either use the OTP from the main screen of the BlockID Mobile App or from a hardware token such as those issued by OneSpan, RSA, etc. The Hardware OTP feature can be enabled from the “Use Hardware OTP” setting available in the “Advanced” tab of the BlockID Configurator.

Our workstation MFA interoperability is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace. BlockID provides administrators with lots of ways to achieve MFA while retaining the ability to fine-tune the end-user experience to achieve the desired risk posture.

Configuration Options for OTP
The user provides password and workstation OTP
The user provides password and “regular” OTP