Jan 6. 2022, The 1Kosmos Team 

BlockID AdminX Portal Release Notes

🥳 AdminX – New Features for the new year!
Even if 2022 is a few days old, we wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Our own new year’s resolution is the same as last year: Build strong identities, make authentication simple and reliable. 

Keeping in line with our new year goals, we are launching FIDO2 WebAuthn capabilities on the AdminX. End users can now seamlessly leverage security keys or biometrics enabled to hardware (Mac TouchID, Windows Hello) to login to their company’s SSO apps.

  • FIDO2 backed Wallets: Our WebAuthn implementation creates wallets for every new device registration. The decentralized identifier of the device is stored on the blockchain and retrieved during login from the wallet of the user.  
  • FIDO WebAuthn Capabilities: 
    • Register FIDO2 Authenticators: End users need to login to the Admin portal and register Windows Hello, Mac or a Security key as an authenticator. 

    • Login with FIDO2 Authenticators: Upon registration, end users can login to SSO apps using biometrics on their registered FIDO device. 

    • De-link a FIDO Authenticator: When a device is de-linked on the Admin portal, then the device can no longer be used for authentication. 
    • Cross browser compatibility: Traditionally WebAuthn enables authentication only on the browser that the user registered on. Our unique implementation allows Windows devices to be remembered across browsers. This is currently not supported by Mac due to OS limitations.
    • Limitations: WebAuthn is supported to varying degrees across Chrome, Safari, Edge. Please review our guide to see if your browser is supported before you can register a device.  

Some other highlights from this release include: 

  • Event Logging: An easy to access interface to view logs of user’s activity on Login attempts and Devices onboarded.

  • Channel Gateway settings: Ability to add multiple gateways for SMS and Email providers. The platform can circle between multiple gateways if there is failover on one of them. 


  • HTTP-POST Binding for SAML Requests have been enhanced. All SSO applications that can be configured through HTTP-POST can be supported by the admin portal. 
  • Support for Office365 Login: Enhancements were made to render the BlockID login page when a user tries to set up email on the O365 Mobile app (iOS & Android) and O365 desktop client (Windows and Mac). Read more about our Office365 integration >here