Unlocking your Windows laptop with BlockID just got a new facelift. We now support multiple modes of login to enable people who are on the move or not close to their device.


What’s new?

Unlock with push notifications or passcodes 

Our team just added features that make logging into a Windows workstation super easy. Just request a push notification to the BlockID mobile, click ‘Approve’ and you should be logged in! Alternatively, you can also use the OTP codes generated by the mobile app to login if that works better for your users.  

Offline? No problem

The BlockID credential provider installed on the Windows workstation can automatically detect if your workstation is offline and prompt for an Offline OTP. Offline OTP codes are available on the BlockID mobile app and rotate every 30 seconds. Entering the Offline code will unlock the workstation.


Configuration Options for One time passcodes

Pick the needed options for your enterprise. As an administrator you can choose to support One time passcodes in Online and Offline mode with just one click.

Considering BlockID for your enterprise?

Here’s a quick recap of the Windows Passwordless experience: 

Supported Scenarios 

  • Online Users
    • Login with BlockID app using scan QR code
    • Login with BlockID app by receiving a push notification
    • Login with One time passcodes
  • Offline Users
    • Login with One time passcodes 

Supported Windows Versions

  • Windows 8/8.1(Limited Support)
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


Administrators will require access to

  • BlockID Admin Portal
  • Active Directory NDES (Infrastructure that supports SCEP)
  • Windows CP Package

End users will require access to

  • Workstation (Installed with BlockID CP)
  •  BlockID Mobile app (Registered with their AD account)

Installation & Setup

The Credential provider package for windows is based on virtual smartcard architecture and authenticates AD-managed users based on the user’s certificate received from the Administration control plane, AdminX. Automation scripts ensure easy installation and uninstallation across an enterprise.

For AD-managed users who are enrolled for workstation login, a SCEP certificate is generated during the initial enrollment of their smartphone on the BlockID app. End users are not expected to take any additional steps to enable workstation logins.