Frictionless phone verification and passwordless onboarding for citizens

Phone verification during Account registration 

Traditionally, verifying a customer’s phone number has been done by sending a passcode to their phone number. One time use passcodes are easy to “phish” and can be shared easily. Here’s how we do it differently:

  1. Open your phone camera. 
  2. Scan the QR code on your screen. 
  3. This opens up the SMS composer with a predefined text message and magic link. 
  4. When the user hits send, an active SMS gateway is listening for the text message. 
  5. If the user provided phone number and phone number from which the text is received match, then your phone number is verified! 

There you go – one step closer to building a strong identity.

User verifying phone number during account registration

Binding an authenticator during enrollment to increase AAL 

Going passwordless for end users can be new and different behaviorally. We see value in giving users opportunities to enroll for passwordless use during different times of their interaction with BlockID. This new intermediary step allows users with no authenticators enrolled to leverage BlockID app to perform passwordless sign in or enroll a FIDO Authenticator. 

User enrolling their Authenticator during account registration