We have introduced many modules for unlocking your Windows workstation with BlockID.

QR-based login

Users can login to their workstations by scanning the QR code using the BlockID mobile app. Once in the app, the user is asked to approve the login request. This is shown in the video below-

Push Notification-based login

Once a user has logged into a workstation, they can log in a second time (unlock the second login) by simply clicking on their existing session. This will result in a push message sent to their mobile and can even be acknowledged on their smartwatch.

Online OTP (Workstation, BlockID & Hardware TOTPs)

Users can log in to their workstation by entering their User Name and a Time-based OTP displayed on the BlockID mobile app (BlockId OTP)

Users can use the OTP from a Hardware token such as RSA, One Span, etc. This can be turned on by using the BlockId configurator. (Hardware OTP)

Users can log in to their windows workstation when they are offline or when there is no network connection by using the Workstation OTP generated on the BlockID mobile app (Workstation OTP)

Offline OTP (Workstation OTP only)

Forced Passwords (username+password+OTP) 

We have added support for an additional factor (a one-time code). This can be enabled using a BlockID configurator to provide flexible authentication options.