BlockID Login Experience

Throughout this year, we have listened to our customers and the feedback has led us to build a better version of our product. We designed the BlockID login experience to support secure and passwordless experiences for the workforce. We are users, as much as we are developers.

New Administrative Experience!

The admin portal is a central control hub that enables any tenant to manage users, enroll users for passwordless access, and configure the authentication and authorization experience for their organization. The redesign focuses on empowering administrators to manage the entire implementation in a no/low code manner.

Create Users without needing a Directory – Enables a tenant to create native users and manage their access without connecting to a directory.
End users can experience Passwordless login through the BlockID app

Invite users to sign up for passwordless access – Enables a tenant to send invites to end users to enroll their device as an authenticator using

Protect SAML applications using BlockID – Enables a tenant to onboard any SAML Application for passwordless access. Use our exciting one-click onboarding feature for GSuite, Okta, Auth0 & Salesforce.

Login with MFA – Enables a tenant to allow end-users to login using Username Password in combination with OTP sent to the registered email or phone number.

Passwordless Login – Enables a tenant to allow end-users to utilize BlockID mobile app to log in to their target applications.

Customize templates for OTP and passwordless invites – Enables a tenant to use a Rich Text Editor to modify the language and styling to communicate with their end-users.

G Suite – One-click onboarding for G suite is now in public beta! Administrators may now set up strong passwordless access for the workforce using G suite.


Every time your organization logs into Gmail, you can ensure they are redirected to a BlockID login page. Your workforce must then use BlockID App biometrics to log in to Gmail. Say bye-bye to passwords!

New End User Guide – We put together a guide to help your users onboard seamlessly into a passwordless world.