Feb 24, 2022, The 1Kosmos Team

User Discovery across Multiple directories  

  • Preferred User Stores: Administrators can define which directory their users need to be discovered from. We allow up to three directories to be available on our AdminX product for use as your “preferred” User stores.
  • The BlockID platform can cycle through the configured directories in order to find a unique match for the user. 

Improve adoption with consumers 

  • Image Embeds in Email templates: Going passwordless can be a completely new experience for end users. We allow customer administrators to ensure that invitations sent to end users for starting new passwordless experiences with 1Kosmos are delightful!
  • Our new email templates allow ample visuals to guide users through enrolling an authenticator. Administrators can now embed graphics on all email templates to minimize errors during onboarding. 

Test Drive our SAML Integrations  

  • Plug n Play Integrations: The 1Kosmos BlockID Platform empowers customer administrators to rapidly test and scale their Single Sign On (SSO) integrations using SAML. With the latest release, we allow administrators to quickly set up self-signed certificates in lower environments for encrypting and signing SAML messages with 3rd party Identity Providers. 
  • Visibility: We also allow administrators to quickly view or download the certificates for either SAML party as required directly from our AdminX.

  • Webpage to download SAML metadata: AdminX now provides a central location to download the SAML metadata in XML format and a web page to consume the data from. 

  • Support for new signing algorithms: AdminX is now capable of honoring RSA-SHA1 & RSA-SHA256 based on the needs of the Service Provider.