Introducing FIDO2 PIN Verification and Pin Management in the 1Kosmos BlockID iOS SDK!

We are excited to announce the addition of FIDO2 PIN verification and pin management capabilities to our BlockID iOS SDK. With these new capabilities, developers building authentication-intensive iOS applications can utilize our SDK to set, change, and reset FIDO2 PINs on valid FIDO security keys, providing enhanced security and control over user authentication.

Key Offerings:
  • PIN Verification: Developers can now verify the PIN associated with a FIDO2 security key. This ensures secure authentication and enables the addition of PIN authentication data to FIDO2 requests as needed.
  • PIN Management: Our SDK facilitates PIN management operations, allowing users to securely set and change their FIDO2 PINs. After changing the PIN, a new PIN verification is required.
  • Reset FIDO Capability: Our SDK includes the ability to trigger a FIDO reset operation on the security key, reverting it to its factory settings. This operation erases any previously stored credentials, allowing for a fresh start and enabling the key to be registered with new accounts or services.
  • Secure PIN Handling: To maintain user security, our SDK does not cache PINs. Instead, it employs secure mechanisms for temporary shared token handling, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of PIN information.

We recommend exploring our documentation and developer resources for more information and guidance on utilizing these FIDO2 PIN verification and pin management capabilities within our BlockID iOS SDK. By incorporating these features, we aim to empower developers with enhanced security options for FIDO2-based authentication, further strengthening the trust and reliability of our identity management solutions.