Identity Verification Journey 🎉

Web initiated – no app download needed!

Identity verification is the first step in establishing a user’s eligibility for a digital service. 1Kosmos can now help organizations remotely verify identities with a NIST compliant, customizable journey-based identity verification workflow that presents a delightfully low friction user experience. 

Your users never have to download an app, yup you heard that right! 

How it works

Identity Wallets: Privacy first design

With the 1Kosmos identity verification solution, user PII is never stored in a centralized database. This information is under the user’s control and this approach offers a significantly lower risk of compromise. PII information is stored in the user’s identity wallet, protected with a unique pin, and can only be unlocked with consent from the user. The pin is never stored anywhere!

We pride ourselves in being a company driven to protect our user’s best interests. 

Government ID verification 

Portable Identity wallet 

During account creation, every user is provided with a web based wallet where information about their identity is stored. Once a user completes identity verification with 1Kosmos, they never need to reach for their government issued ID’s again. 

Users simply share select information with relying parties as and when required and only after explicitly consenting to it.

Phone verification in a snap

Leverage our API’s to complete phone verification. Users send a text message to a provided gateway to verify their phone number. 

Credential Service Provider services 

Credential Service Providers are trusted entities responsible for registration of user authenticators and issuing electronic credentials to users. 1Kosmos offers white-label solutions that can enable an organization to become a CSP. Subscribers of the CSP – end users- can use the 1Kosmos identity verification journey and share data with relying parties after giving their consent.