Login with a Voice Passcode!

1Kosmos now supports traditional multi-factor authentication through Voice delivered One Time Passcodes! This release completes our support for MFA using all channels of delivery – Voice, Text, and Email. Users will be prompted to enter their Password (something you know) and OTP (something you have) delivered to a registered email or phone number. Authentication through Voice is particularly valuable when customers have support staff who are only allowed access to a shared desk phone number. Additionally, use the 1Kosmos control plane to manage your MFA settings!

Configure a Voice gateway

We offer OOB support for delivering voice messages through Twilio

Enable one or more channels

Use SMS, Email or Voice for delivery of passcodes depending on your user base

Disable two-factor authentication methods

Completely disable two-factor authentication using passcodes for tighter security and offer passwordless only mechanisms of authentication

Track Usage

View metrics on passcodes generated and number of users authenticating using passcodes