Location intelligence at the time of authentication helps enterprises mitigate their fraud risks by detecting and stopping bad actors from accessing enterprise resources from IP addresses and locations where the business does not have any presence. 

The 1Kosmos adaptive authentication engine now uses location intelligence to: 

  • Detect and deny access to a range of IP Addresses outside of corporate networks 
  • Detect VPN Addresses based on IP ranges to trigger authentication journeys 
  • Detect anomalous IP’s or access from unfamiliar locations and enforce a stronger MFA journey for the user 
  • Provide detailed reports on users who were denied access based on their IP or Geo-location 

How does it work?

  • Start by defining IP address range or geolocations to apply authentication policies on 
  • Define the authentication journey for your users
    • Deny Access: Based on the IP or IP based geo-location, deny access to users from unfamiliar locations
    • Step up with LiveID: For anomalous locations, mandate a stronger authentication mechanism by requiring users to provide their live biometrics at the time of login.