DevX Update

With our latest DevX release, we have introduced an easy-to-use NodeJS Developer SDK for Driver’s License verification. We have added this capability to our DevX Sandbox in an easy to use simulation using which a developer can ask for a text message to be sent to their smartphone with a camera to experience the entire journey in one go.

Developer Sandbox

Developers can follow a simple guided process on their smartphones to take a photo of the front and back of their Driver’s License, and then complete a mandatory “liveness” check with two selfies. The best part is that no apps or software need to be installed to try the capability!

And rest assured that none of the PII from the Driver’s License is stored anywhere and the entire process is fully compliant with identity regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA.

We have also added JSON responses to the sandbox simulation to help developers use the information returned from a DL Verify to supplement data available in the user context and further empower them to solve complex proofing use cases. 

Using the 1Kosmos DL Verify SDK developers now have a fast and accurate method of verifying Driver’s Licenses in 150+ countries!

Developer Journey

To begin, a developer needs to initiate a new session for the driver’s license verification. This can be done simply by following the instructions in the developer documentation page for ID Verify:

  • Initialize SDK & Set tenant info
  • Define the SMS message to send to a developer’s smartphone containing an HTTPS  URL to initiate the web-based Driver’s license verification
  • Create a session and send the SMS to the developer’s smartphone containing the HTTPS URL
  • A successful request should return a session ID, along with the HTTPS URL
  • Start polling the session for results of the Driver’s License scan and receive the verification response in a JSON
  • Once the Driver’s License and selfies have been received, return to the Driver’s License Verify demo page to see the results.

Note that the text message is configurable in our AdminX portal but for purposes of the simulation we are simply using a standard template for subject and body.

The results of the scan are displayed in the DevX Sandbox. The information includes the PII from the Driver’s License as well as a JSON payload with details a developer can work with as per their use case.