1Kosmos BlockID Mobile now supports Verifiable Credentials!

We are excited to announce the addition of verifiable credentials (VC) functionality in the BlockID mobile app. This new feature allows users to consume and hold their verifiable credentials within the app, providing a secure and convenient way to manage their digital identity.

What is a Verifiable Credential?

In accordance with the W3C definition of verifiable credentials, BlockID’s implementation ensures that a verifiable credential in the physical world can be represented digitally within the app. The verifiable credential consists of various components, including identifying information about the subject, details about the issuing authority, the type of credential, specific attributes asserted by the issuing authority and constraints such as expiration date.

Enhanced Integrity and Trustworthiness:

By utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques like digital signature along with other robust security measures,  verifiable credentials within the BlockID mobile app are safeguarded against alterations, tampering and unauthorized modifications.

Verifiable Presentations:

Holders of verifiable credentials can generate verifiable presentations within the BlockID mobile app. These presentations can be securely shared with verifiers to provide proof of possessing verifiable credentials with specific characteristics. The ability to transmit verifiable presentations rapidly enables convenient establishment of trust even at a distance, making it a practical solution for various identity verification scenarios.

With the integration of verifiable credentials in the BlockID mobile app, we aim to empower users with secure and privacy-preserving digital identity management. This functionality not only aligns with industry standards defined by W3C but also sets the stage for a trusted and reliable identity verification experience. For more information and a demonstration of the verifiable credentials functionality, please reach out to our team.