Federal, state and local government agencies are struggling to deliver citizens and residents contactless access to digital services and to do so while balancing equitable access, convenience, privacy and security. Their counterparts in higher education deal with similar challenges serving students, alumni, donors, faculty and staff. At the same time, they need to accommodate the technologically disadvantaged and recognize thin-file applicants who have little or no financial history, let alone state-issued credentials.

Verified IAL2 onboarding is essential for good customer satisfaction, but rampant identity fraud, account takeover attacks and privacy mandates are all key challenges that impede digital transformation. Register for this webinar to hear our featured speaker discuss how the role of a Credential Service Provider (CSP) delivers the access and convenience users demand while equipping digital channels for today’s cyber security and privacy challenges.

By attending, you will learn:

  • Ways to automatically block stolen identities at enrollment.
  • How biometrics with liveness detection verify identity to IAL2 and AAL2.
  • The importance of a privacy-by-design architecture with user-managed PII.
  • How reusable verified credentials accelerate digital transformation.
  • The role of a CSP to automate identity assurance and authentication.
  • How the inclusion of anti-phishing authentication ensures the verified user is present.

christine owens. kenneth myers.adam mcbride