The Challenge

The Healthcare Technology Organization needed to replace its legacy approach to identity proofing and move to an online, automated user workflow that delivered an IAL2 verification. The organization also required a seamless user experience for onboarding and authenticating users. The organization selected 1Kosmos due to our IAL and AAL certifications and superior user experience.

The Results

Provide Digital Identity Proofing
The healthcare technology organization had a legacy requirement to proof doctors and physicians based on NIST 800-63-3 guidelines for identity proofing and UK GPG 45 for the highest level of verification. The legacy process costs $35 for each verification for an entirely manual process.

1Kosmos BlockID replaced the proofing with a digital identity onboarding and verification process. The new process is certified against the NIST 800-63-3 and UK DIATF standards to ensure that all users who are proofed and onboarded are at an IAL level as defined in the NIST standard.
Support IAL2 Verification
DEA regulations and EPCS standards mandate the healthcare technology organization to ensure that a user’s IAL context is validated in every authentication request, so, in addition, strong biometric-based authentication was another requirement.

The 1Kosmos BlockID platform replaced username and password, automated identity proofing, and used live biometrics to verify a user’s identity, so every authentication request was bound to a valid IAL-proofed user.
Improve User Experience and Productivity
The healthcare technology organization could not afford any impact on user experience. By deploying 1Kosmos BlockID, the organization increased productivity significantly for their end users and eliminated the legacy 2FA solution.
Deliver Scalability and Interoperability
The healthcare technology organization required a solution to manage 6M – 10M authentications/year on its EPCDS platform. 1Kosmos easily scaled to this requirement to ensure that all doctors and physicians are prescribing using the 1Kosmos BlockID app.
By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID the organization eliminated the legacy proofing and 2FA workflow. Currently, 1Kosmos supports an online first workflow with 6 million authentications and $1.25M identity proofing cost savings per year.
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