The Challenge

The global bank needed to reduce the number of authenticators in production to meet MFA compliance requirements. 1Kosmos was selected to streamline authentication and implement a passwordless approach for their VPN, workstations, applications, and more, eliminating MFA bypass, social engineering and phishing attacks.

The Results

Streamline Deployment
The global bank required a platform that supported modern standards for integration. With 50 out-of-the-box connectors and a robust API framework, the 1Kosmos BlockID integration with VPNs and applications was quickly completed. As a result, users could log in using their preferred choice authentication, and passwordless MFA was adopted at the user’s comfort level with minimal disruption to the day-to-day business.
Deliver a Superior User Experience
Not only was the global bank looking for a secure platform, but user experience was a top requirement. The 1Kosmos passwordless login was identified as a superior frictionless login experience for the workforce. The 1Kosmos user authentication journey is user-initiated by scanning a QR code where the user is prompted to verify themselves using biometric authentication. This convenient workflow ensured the user is, in fact, who they claimed to be.
Provide Phishing Proof MFA
Since the pandemic, the global bank witnessed a severe spike in phishing attacks. The phishing-resistant 1Kosmos passwordless MFA does not use phishable knowledge-based authentication factors like passwords and OTPs. The result eliminates identity theft through stolen credentials. Since 1Kosmos passwordless MFA does not depend on push notifications, other MFA bypass techniques like MFA fatigue/push bombing were also eliminated.
Reduce Reliance on Passwords
The global bank was keenly aware of the security risk passwords introduced. 1Kosmos enabled an approach to eliminate passwords since users no longer needed to enter usernames, passwords, or OTPs, and the time taken for authentication is significantly reduced. Users no longer needed to remember or reset passwords and have nothing to share or phish.
By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID passwordless MFA, the global bank started with VPN, rolling out to core applications, delivering a superior user experience, and improving user adoption 4x.
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