The Challenge

The High-Tech Organization needed to replace its legacy approach to identity proofing and move to an online, automated user workflow that delivered an Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) verification. The organization also required a seamless user experience the onboarding journey. The organization selected 1Kosmos due to our IAL2 certification and superior online-first user experience.

The Results

Provide Digital Identity Proofing
The high-tech organization had a business-critical requirement to proof employees based on NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 guidelines for identity proofing. The legacy process required IAL2 physical scanners shipped to employees to scan their government-issued ID’s. 1Kosmos BlockID replaced the proofing process with an appless digital identity onboarding and identity verification process. The new process is certified against the NIST 800-63-3 IAL2 standard to ensure that all users who are proofed meet the business compliance requirement set by the high-tech firm's customer.
Deliver Scalability
The high-tech organization required a solution to enable them to proof users remotely without the need to ship costly scanners. The current method was time-consuming, costly, and not scalable to meet business demands. 1Kosmos remote identity proofing allowed the organization to instantly scale its requirements to ensure all users could be verified quickly.
Improve User Experience and Productivity
The high-tech organization could not afford any impact to user experience by going to an online first experience. By deploying 1Kosmos BlockID, the organization increased productivity significantly for their end users and eliminated the need to invest in additional scanners to be shipped to employees.
Support Web-Based Proofing
The high-tech organization was mandated to ensure any user accessing GovCloud was verified to an IAL2 before doing so. The high-tech organization selected the 1Kosmos BlockID platform to replace their legacy approach with an appless solution that met the IAL2 requirement while improving the overall user experience. An added bonus, the captured PII data is stored under the complete control of the employee, meeting privacy requirements.
The high-tech organization selected 1Kosmos due to our IAL2 certification through a superior appless and online first user experience.
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