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The 1Kosmos Adaptive Authentication Advantage

1Kosmos Adaptive Authentication evaluates multiple signals, such as the device used, the origin of access—from within or outside the network—user behavior, including past login locations and frequency, to determine the user’s legitimacy at the time of authentication.

1Kosmos assesses these signals and authenticates users based on the level of risk. It minimizes user disruptions by requesting less information from recognized users who exhibit expected results.

The authentication orchestration only intermittently prompts users for additional information, particularly when security risks are elevated. This results in smoother user experiences, reduced authentication barriers, and enhanced security levels.

What constitutes an appropriate level of assurance might differ from one organization to another, highlighting the importance of adaptability in the 1Kosmos approach.

1Kosmos Adaptive Authentication evaluates multiple signals to determine the user’s legitimacy at the time of authentication

1Kosmos Integration. Linux. Unix. Mac-OS.


The 1Kosmos control plane is a centralized hub that allows admins easy access to the platform’s configuration and management. Admins can connect to applications and services, user stores, and set the corresponding policies and orchestration for all authentication journeys.

Authentication Orchestration

Implement various authentication methods based on user signals and associated risk. Administrators can implement several methods, including basic multifactor authentication (Push, OTP), plus – FIDO2, FIDO Passkeys and an AAL2 certified identity-based biometric (1Kosmos LiveID).

Transactional authentication. Pin. Live ID. Face ID.


1Kosmos integrates via industry authentication standards such as OAuth, OIDC, SAML, RADIUS, and FIDO. Additionally, supports interoperability across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Authentication Successful

Event Logging

Each authentication is protected by an immutable audit trail. Events are logged in perpetuity and cannot be manipulated, giving a detailed and indisputable picture of access results and administrative changes for auditors.

Integration Forgerock, Okta, Atlassian.
1Kosmos Web Authenticator

Health Agent

Collects workstation information for validating trusted endpoints and injects additional information to the authentication events.​

Authentication Methods

Users can authenticate via any identification methods, including LiveID, device biometrics, FIDO2, FIDO Passkeys, push messages, email/SMS/Token, hardware tokens, Windows Hello, and Mac TouchID.

Authentication Successful